Space: 1999

(ended 1977)




  • Season 1 Episode 13: Matter of Life and Death

  • In the scene in Koenig's office, he is shown to be facing the sliding doors to Main Mission but in close ups, the doors are behind him.

  • Kano calculates that 3600 divided by the number of Alphans is 10, indicating there are 360 Alphans. But there were only 311 when Moon left Earth, of which several were killed. Even with a maximum population of 311, 3600 divided by the number of Alphans would be around 11.5 and with about a dozen deaths, 12.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Guardian of Piri

  • It is said that they have "lost three men". While this is technically correct, they forget that Sarah Graham died.

  • While talking to Alpha from Piri, Koenig is shown on the Main Mission screen looking down into his commlink from quite a distance away, but there were no other camera devices present with which to record his image from this angle. He should have been shown looking directly into the camera as he was looking into the commlock which was doing all the recording.

  • When Alan looks into the cockpit of the Eagle, the shot of him shows the door open and the lights dimmed, but the shot of the pilot seats shows the lights fully on and the door closed.

  • When Eagle 24 lands on Alpha, it had somehow acquired a booster pod that it didn't have in any scenes previously.

  • In the shot of the whole Alpha base as an Eagle is raised up on the launch pad, the Eagle is positioned so that it's engines are facing the docking tube area, so no one could have got aboard.

  • Catherine Schell (the Guardian of Piri) returns to the series as Maya in Season 2.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Black Sun

  • The title of this episode, Black Sun, refers to a black hole in space, which has a very strong gravitational pull.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Dragon's Domain

  • Per Helena's voiceover, it took the Ultra Probe eight months to get to Ultra. However, when Cellini returns, it only takes him four months despite the fact that his "lifeboat" clearly doesn't have the same engine power as the probe ship.

  • When Koenig is playing chess against Kano, Kano has a captured piece of Koenig's in his pile which has a fat X shape on it. It matches no known chess piece, although it could potentially be a queen. However, Kano does not have a similar piece among his 16 pieces, all of which are clearly visible.

  • In this episode we learn that the controlling agency of Moonbase Alpha is the World Space Commission (WSC)before it broke orbit. In the first scene, Dr. Russell is seen typing her report on letterhead stationery bearing the commission's name.

    The International Lunar Finance Committee, mentioned in "Breakaway," must be either a different agency, an affiliate of the WSC, or a subagency under the WSC.

  • Cellini's commlock changes position between the time it is dropped next to Alan and when Koenig finds him.

  • When Cellini wakes up, his hair is messed up, but in a different scene, it is combed and tidy.

  • Helena says that the events of this episode take place 877 days after leaving Earth. That would mean that as of this, the 8th episode, they had been adrift for almost two and half years, which clearly isn't the case. Specifically, this contradicts the Year 2 episode "Mark Of Archanon" as this is dated as 640 days after leaving, but is clearly set after this episode.

  • The newsreader in the flashback gives the date of the probe launch as September 3rd, 1996, but in the next scene, Helena give the date for the launch as June 6th, 1996.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Alpha Child

  • As Morrow shoes Jackie a picture of Koenig on his commlock, the position of his hands on the device change between shots. Also, the commlock has a photograh on the side in close ups but not in other scenes.

  • When Koenig enters the room in the scene of Jackie drawing, the door closing behind him doesn't make the usual Alpha door sound, but instead sounds like a wooden door behind pulled along on casters. This is due to Koenig's laughter not allowing the door effect to be dubbed in as it would drown him out on the soundtrack.

  • In the scene of Jackie sitting at a table drawing, the papers on the edge of the desk are yellow, but when Koenig and Bergman come in, they are blue.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Voyager's Return

  • Voyager 1 contains a Queller drive that, according to Koenig, made interstellar travel possible but in "Dragon's Domain", the trip to Ultra, which was within Earth's solar system, took eight months. Voyager was launched in 1985, 11 years before the Ultra mission so a Queller drive (or a safer version) should have been a viable option by then.

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