Space: Above and Beyond

FOX (ended 1996)



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Space: Above and Beyond

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Space: Above and Beyond. It is the year 2063. Five rookie marines are thrown into active service when mankind is unexpectedly attacked by an alien race. But all the enemies are not from a distant planet, and not all of those who appear to be human can be trusted. It's up to the Wildcards to defeat the enemy wherever they find them, in space, or on the ground.
James Morrison

James Morrison

Lt. Col. Tyrus Cassius McQueen

Kristen Cloke

Kristen Cloke

Lt./Capt. Shane Vansen

Rodney Rowland

Rodney Rowland

1st Lt. Cooper Hawkes

Morgan Weisser

Morgan Weisser

1st Lt. Nathan West

Lanai Chapman

Lanai Chapman

1st Lt. Vanessa Damphousse

Joel de la Fuente

Joel de la Fuente

1st Lt. Paul Wang

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  • TV production is expensive, short-lived.

    The obvious compromise is to follow Amanda Tapping's example with 'Sanctuary'. Webisodes have the potential to keep production costs down while providing seamless integration of the CGI with

    traditional video production techniques.
  • Sooooooo good!

    This was a fantastic show that's become a classic. A sci-fi ward series that's not too focused on fancy futuristic tech and points more towards war. Great characters with good humour mixed into the drama.

    If there was ever a show that deserved a second chance it's this one. If there was a show that is worthy of a reboot it's this one
  • Why why why

    Why why why was this show not given more of a chance to shine.A fantastic show and some truly classic episodes.I have recently gone back and watched the show again.And it still holds up well against the shows that are getting made today.Sure there are a few weak episodes but what show is perfect every week.When this show was droped i was gutted there is so many things thay could have done whith the show.Set during a time far in the future the human race is fighting a desperate war.Against a brutal enemy the men and women of the saratoga.Put there lives on the line in a heroic battle to save not just them selfs but the entire human racemoreless
  • Idea for a comeback......

    Although i know they couldn't do this show with the old wild cards squadron because the actors are all old now. they could create a whole new squadron and pick up from where the wild cards left off. After all, the wild cards were just rookie recruits in the 1st episode following on from the best of the best that was known as the "Angry angels". The war was nowhere near over at the end of season 1 and i was a very unhappy 11 year old boy when my dad told me the show was cancelled. Space above and beyond was a better show than most series that are still running today. If space above and beyond was to go a good 10 seasons it could easily be one of the best sci-fi series ever made. probably a close second to Stargate.

    Please please please bring it back!!!!moreless
  • technomage44 where do i sign up as a member.sunday the 24 1995 was one of the best nights of my life.this show is wonder ful.i loved every favorite was the angriest is tied with the 1st 2 should be putmoreless

    this show started out on fox,but was picked up by scifi.they appear to either forgot about it or just

    won't run it. it is a shame either way.col. mcqueen and the queen of diamonds made the was more

    than just entertainment,it was a statement on life.

    the plots were great,the action was always enter

    taining,and the character development was always is a shame that they cut the show off too also makes you wonder if the human race ever

    gets out beyond the solar system, how we would react to another race. would we shoot first or try

    to understand them. or will we last long enough to

    even reach the limits of our galaxy. long live the

    wild cards.even if they are only remembered by a few.

    written not dictated.moreless

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Drama, Science Fiction


epic battles, space action, ensemble cast, large scale destruction, Aliens