Space: Above and Beyond

FOX (ended 1996)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • ...Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best (2)
      Tensions increase as Earth forces prepare for peace talks with the Chigs, and Shane realises that the enemy has learned details of Operation Roundhammer.
    • And If They Lay Us Down to Rest... (1)
      The 58th is deployed to a seemingly barren moon to make final preparations for a major offensive by the Earth forces, but when they arrive they discover that the moon is home to an unknown humanoid species, and that Operation Roundhammer may cause its extinction.
    • Sugar Dirt
      Sugar Dirt
      Episode 22
      When Earth Force command sees there's an opportunity to launch a potentially crippling offensive against the Chigs, Commodore Ross is forced to abandon the 58th and thousands of their fellow marines on a barren planet. With little ammo, no food, and no hope of rescue, the 58th still continue to do their duty.moreless
    • Stardust
      Episode 21
      The 58th is embroiled in a dangerous, top-secret counter-offensive against the Chigs when the Saratoga takes on some mysterious passengers-a high-profile general, a stern colonel and the corpse of a recently executed criminal.
    • R & R
      R & R
      Episode 20
      The 58th visits an Aero-Tech pleasure ship called the Bacchus for some long overdue rest and relaxation; but when a sudden call to action puts them in the heat of battle, Cooper's new addiction to a pain medication which is particularly dangerous for InVitros puts the entire unit in danger.
    • Pearly
      Episode 19
      Stranded on an embattled planet, the 58th must race to reach the rendezvous point in time to save an injured Shane-and their only hope is a marooned officer, who has been on the planet for months, and has developed a possibly suspicious rapport with the enemy.
    • Dear Earth
      Dear Earth
      Episode 18
      In the midst of a mail call, McQueen tells Hawkes to resign himself to being left out of the festivities - InVitros have no families back on Earth. But the mail brings a surprise for the two men. In an effort to bring order to the ranks, the top brass have decided to make a motivational film about the efforts of InVitros fighting alongside natural born humans in the war against the Chigs and they order both men to participate. Hawkes is excited by the opportunity, but McQueen wants nothing to do with the documentary.moreless
    • Toy Soldiers
      Toy Soldiers
      Episode 17
      West discovers that his brother has enlisted in the Corps and is serving under a young, gung-ho lieutenant who's so determined to make a name for himself as a soldier, that he will risk endangering the lives of his entire battalion.
    • The Angriest Angel (2)
      McQueen seeks reinstatement of his pilot status so he can fly what could be a suicide mission: find and destroy a seemingly invincible Chig fighter plane.
    • Never No More (1)
      Never No More (1)
      Episode 15
      Shane risks her life when she volunteers to fight an enemy spacecraft with another squadron, led by a former boyfriend whose new love was killed during a mission.
    • Level of Necessity
      Level of Necessity
      Episode 14
      The 58th enter the tunnels of an underground Chig base to try to find and destroy an enemy ammo dump. But In on the way to the ammo dump, a marine is killed after Damphousse has a presentiment of danger. Even more worrying, when they return to the tunnels Vanessa predicts that one more of them will die.moreless
    • Who Monitors the Birds?
      Hawkes is left stranded and practically defenseless on an alien world when he accepts an assassination mission which is supposed to buy him an immediate Honorable Discharge from the Marines.
    • The River of Stars
      The River of Stars
      Episode 12
      Christmas Eve finds the 58th in dire straits: its transport vehicle, damaged in battle, is hurtling uncontrolled into enemy territory and the pilots must struggle to stay alive with no power, no weapons, and no hope of being rescued.
    • Stay with the Dead
      Stay with the Dead
      Episode 11
      A failed rescue mission leaves the 58th presumed dead, except for Nathan, who lands in the hospital, where a nagging memory that his comrades are still alive is passed off as a result of suffering from severe head trauma.
    • Choice or Chance (2)
      After narrowly escaping the crippled alien battleship, the 58th finds itself imprisoned in the catacombs of a Chig penal colony, ran by AIs. While Wang suffers in an alien torture chamber, Nathan encounters someone he had only dreamed of seeing again.
    • Hostile Visit (1)
      A commandeered Chig battleship provides the 58th with information about an important Chig outpost, which gives the Earth forces an opportunity to make a Trojan-horse attack against the enemy-if the 58th can learn to fly the craft in time.
    • The Enemy
      The Enemy
      Episode 8
      The soldiers of the 58th become their own worst enemies when a routine supply mission goes awry, leaving them stranded in alien territory and suffering from the effects of a mysterious Chig weapon.
    • Eyes
      Episode 7
      The Saratoga becomes a pressure cooker of violence and political intrigue when an assassination on Earth forces a delegation of UN officials to use the craft as the site of an important conference.
    • Ray Butts
      Ray Butts
      Episode 6
      The Saratoga receives a mysterious new passenger: a battle-scarred special-forces commando whose classified mission directives put the 58th at his disposal, even if it means leading them to certain disaster.
    • Mutiny
      Episode 5
      A mutiny erupts aboard a civilian cargo ship, the SS Mac Arthur, which is carrying 168 unborn InVitros in stasis. Cooper faces a difficult decision- should he follow orders to protect his fellow soldiers, or join forces with the rebellious "tanks" who decide that they aren't going to be treated as slaves any longer?moreless
    • The Dark Side of the Sun
      Shane's nightmares come to life when a sentry-duty assignment on an asteroid leads the 58th into a bloody confrontation, against a battalion of rogue androids, called silicates. Can she finally learn why her parents were slain, and stop the endless nightmares?
    • The Farthest Man from Home
      A survivor of the attack on the Tellus colony is found, leading Nathan to believe that Kylen may still be alive on the distant planet, a belief for which he is willing to risk his life.
    • Pilot (2)
      Pilot (2)
      Episode 2
      After the Tellus colony ship is attacked and destroyed by the alien attackers, the cadets are forced to go into battle prematurely.
    • Pilot (1)
      Pilot (1)
      Episode 1
      The year is 2063, the final frontier is about to become a battlefield. Earth, united in peace, takes its first steps toward interplanetary colonization, only to be attacked by an enigmatic alien race. Enter the 58th Squadron, a group of wet-behind-the-ears pilots with the Marine Corps Air and Space Cavalry. Under the rigorous tutelage of Sgt. Maj. Frank Bougus, reluctant leader Shane Vansen and fellow cadets Nathan West, Cooper Hawkes, Vanessa Damphousse and Paul Wang embark on a dangerous mission to save the Earth.moreless