de la Fuente's criticisim

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    I was reading on wikipedia that the actor Joel de la Fuente didn't like his character of Lt Wong in the show. Here's what I got:

    A notable criticism from the actor Joel de la Fuente has been quoted in an article by P. G. Min & R. Kim[2] (under the pseudonym "Michael", on p. 744), in which he describes his perception of a possibly stereotypical nature of his character Lt. Paul Wang, for which (referring to the Silicates story arc) he felt "discomfort" for a role that he describes as "a cowardly soldier who betrayed his comrades":

    "Whenever I see Asians in military uniform, I cannot help but recall common images of Asians from the Vietnam War and World War II. They were "yellow-bellied cowards" who took the lives of loyal Americans. They were treacherous and crafty, impossible to gauge. Wang could be seen as all of these stereotypes, I thought.

    Honestly, I liked the character. I though he had a realistic response to scary situations like doing a HALO jump for the first time and not being a 'superhero' type cookie cut character. As far as being an negative Asian stereotype, I don't know. I'm not Asian myself so I don't see things from the same point of view but I do hate negative stereotypes. What does everyone else think?


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    I disagree with de la Fuente's assessment of the character that he played. In fact S:AaB did a superlative job of portraying the devastating psychological effects of what Lt. Wang went through. He was not a coward or a turncoat but a believable human being who sought redemption for something which was totally out of his control. In the end it was the respect, love, and support from his comrades that saw him through the crisis.
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    Unfortunately, most people see things that they are looking to see. I didn't see Wang as a "typical Asian wanker", I saw him as a real human being who was pushed beyond his limits and had to rebuild himself after the trauma. I can see how a person who is looking for a racial stereotype could see it, but I wasn't looking for it, and never saw it. Who's right? It's all a matter of perception. I see Wang as the hero who gave his life so that the colonists could return home in the finale, and I wish Joel could see it that way, too. I think it's sad that he has focused on one negative and allowed that to color the whole experience for him.
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