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Wired.com readers plead for a SAAB reboot!

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    [1]May 18, 2011
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    So in January of last year Wired.com did a list of shows that readers want to see get a reboot and SAAB was on of them! I think this story could do much better now with audiences and would benefit from better CGI and more quality acting and writing.

    I and a couple of friends have just started a SAAB reboot page on Facebook and are looking for people to join us. We've been having fun imagining who might play the various characters, and who might direct, write, etc and have now brought that discussion to Facebook.

    While it might seem a long shot that this could get the attention of anyone with the ability to make this happen, it is possible. I remember that an online petition to get the show onto DVD was successful in showing that fans would back it up with their dollars. I know I have enjoyed my box set! Please join us!


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