Space: Above and Beyond

Season 1 Episode 6

Ray Butts

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 22, 1995 on FOX

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  • Stand alone Episode

    WOW this episode was very well written a star episode in my opinion.

    "Ray Butts" starts out really mysterious and gloomy. The character is portrayed so richly by Steve Rankin.

    The episode is just a great epic show in the sense that Ray Butts is such a well written character who really steals (In more than one way) the show from the entire cast of SAaB. it's fun and the wondeful soundtrack in the background of Johnny Cash's "I Walk The Line" really makes the show feel like an old western and Ray Butts an old cowboy!

    Those fans that love westerns or just a great fun show this would be the one. Not much more to it really good plot and leaves you guessing till the end! but for the most part the show is "easy as eatin' pancakes"

    -nuff said
  • Worst episode of the season.

    I'm a huge fan of SAAB but IMO this was the worst episode. I didn't like the character of Ray Butts as he was the stereotypical 'brave hero with a hard and mysterious past'. They sacrificed air time for the main characters to build him up only for him to be killed at the end of the episode (bravly saving everyone else of course!)

    Probably would rank as a good episode for many other shows but from the standard we have come to expect from SAAB, it was mediocre.
  • Shows different leadership styles.

    Starts off very fast paced gets slow around the middle and good ending. What this episode can do without is the country music. The person that the episode is titled after is one mean marine. I enjoyed when he was training the wildcards onboard the ship. He showed them there were no rules to killing and to stick up for each other. While not moving the plot forward in terms of the war and such. It does show every little mission is a must. This episode is good action sci fi entertainment was average at best. At least there was a space battle in it, albeit brief. Better than most of the episodes so far but not much more that that.
  • Easy as eating pancakes!

    I think this is perhaps one of the highlights on the season.
    Ray Butts is a hard nosed lifer, with his own way of doing things an a mean streak that covers his tormented soul. Initially the 58th view him as a arrogant and possibly borderline crazy officer. This is mainly because as the episode progresses he puts them through several tests, that either they find humiliating or pointless. Gradually though, we do start to see the benefit of the training.
    He has several show downs with McQueen, who has up until now been arguably the 'toughest' character around. He takes over command of the 58th for a mission, to many all round complaints, then when they arrive at the mission goal, he changes the mission, almost causing a mutiny among the 58 who don't really trust him yet.
    We discover the reason for the mission, and the reason he acts the way he does, and things start to make a lot more sense. Towards the end, we have a feeling of empathy and respect for the character, witch makes his final sacrifice all the more significant.
    There are several supreme sets of dialogue in this episode, some hilarious jokes, and some good action scenes. This is a SAaB you do not want to miss! Its as easy as eating pancakes.
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