Space: Above and Beyond

Season 1 Episode 6

Ray Butts

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 22, 1995 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Goof: During the close quarter training scene, when Damphousse is shot in the back, you can see the square pad on her back where the paintball hits her. The pad probably served two purposes- to make sure the paintball exploded properly, as well as protecting the actress from bruising.

  • Quotes

    • Ray Butts: Easier than eatin' pancakes.

    • (the 58th land from a high altitude parachute drop)
      West: Come on Wang, let's go. What are you doing?
      Wang: I'm waiting for my testicles; they should be dropping in any second.

    • McQueen: I know they're not my children; they're marines, life takers and heart breakers. And I know we're at war, and people die. But if any of MY people die because of YOU, all your recon skills and black ops training won't be worth a damn. I'll find you.

    • Vansen: What would you die for? Sir, I know you'd kill for us... Would you die for us?
      Ray Butts: I'm already dead, Vansen.

    • Vansen: What do you think about in the dark?
      Ray Butts: I think about the first man I ever killed.
      Vansen: What about him?
      Ray Butts: I wonder what he's doing now, and if he got the better end of the deal.

    • Hawkes: We don't want him, we want you.
      McQueen: This isn't a dating service!

    • Hawkes: I'm in a squad where I'd rather shoot the CO than the enemy!
      McQueen: Knock it off.
      Hawkes: You know what I'm saying sir. I mean, I never felt like shooting you.
      McQueen: Stop it Hawkes, you're making me all misty.

    • McQueen: You are gone, I don't care if you turn out to be the Commodore's bestest golf buddy and you bleed scarlet and gold, YOU ARE GONE! I will pull every string to get you away from my people, and off this bucket, and back to the slime pit you crawled out of!
      Ray Butts: Well, maybe you can pull every string. But I pull the rope.

    • Wang: (after Butts turns off a movie they were watching) May I speak freely, Colonel?
      Ray Butts: Speak.
      Wang: You don't care if we see this; you're just messing with our heads. And being at war, this could be the last time I hear Shakespeare, and you took that from me. And if you weren't wearing those oak leaves SIR, I'd be kicking your ass up between your shoulder blades!

    • Hawkes: How come you just can't punch a senior officer? I mean, like if he's got it coming?
      Damphousse: Butts couldn't have made Lt. Colonel if he was just some long gone hard charger.
      West: No man, that guy is one Colonel semper psycho!
      Wang: 'Phousse is right, you guys are overdoing it just because he gave you a jalapeno enema.

    • McQueen: We're two lifers, you got nothing to hide.
      Ray Butts: Forget the butter, McQueen. Maybe we do have the same amount of time in, maybe we wear the same ribbons from our nipples when we put on the dress blues, but don't you think for one second that we are equals, TANK!

    • Deck Crewman: (nudges Ray Butts) He's dead.
      (Ray Butts jerks awake and attacks all the people surrounding him)
      McQueen: Kind of a bummer getting your butt kicked by a dead guy.

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