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  • TV production is expensive, short-lived.

    The obvious compromise is to follow Amanda Tapping's example with 'Sanctuary'. Webisodes have the potential to keep production costs down while providing seamless integration of the CGI with

    traditional video production techniques.
  • Sooooooo good!

    This was a fantastic show that's become a classic. A sci-fi ward series that's not too focused on fancy futuristic tech and points more towards war. Great characters with good humour mixed into the drama.

    If there was ever a show that deserved a second chance it's this one. If there was a show that is worthy of a reboot it's this one
  • Why why why

    Why why why was this show not given more of a chance to shine.A fantastic show and some truly classic episodes.I have recently gone back and watched the show again.And it still holds up well against the shows that are getting made today.Sure there are a few weak episodes but what show is perfect every week.When this show was droped i was gutted there is so many things thay could have done whith the show.Set during a time far in the future the human race is fighting a desperate war.Against a brutal enemy the men and women of the saratoga.Put there lives on the line in a heroic battle to save not just them selfs but the entire human race
  • Idea for a comeback......

    Although i know they couldn't do this show with the old wild cards squadron because the actors are all old now. they could create a whole new squadron and pick up from where the wild cards left off. After all, the wild cards were just rookie recruits in the 1st episode following on from the best of the best that was known as the "Angry angels". The war was nowhere near over at the end of season 1 and i was a very unhappy 11 year old boy when my dad told me the show was cancelled. Space above and beyond was a better show than most series that are still running today. If space above and beyond was to go a good 10 seasons it could easily be one of the best sci-fi series ever made. probably a close second to Stargate.

    Please please please bring it back!!!!
  • technomage44 where do i sign up as a member.sunday the 24 1995 was one of the best nights of my life.this show is wonder ful.i loved every favorite was the angriest is tied with the 1st 2 should be put

    this show started out on fox,but was picked up by scifi.they appear to either forgot about it or just
    won't run it. it is a shame either way.col. mcqueen and the queen of diamonds made the was more
    than just entertainment,it was a statement on life.
    the plots were great,the action was always enter
    taining,and the character development was always is a shame that they cut the show off too also makes you wonder if the human race ever
    gets out beyond the solar system, how we would react to another race. would we shoot first or try
    to understand them. or will we last long enough to
    even reach the limits of our galaxy. long live the
    wild cards.even if they are only remembered by a few.
    written not dictated.
  • A short lived Fox Sci-Fi program that lasted for one season. This program dealt with young military people in the future cooping with very real issues of today. Powerful drama with impactful stories and a series on DVD I would recommend.

    Space Above and Beyond was an Emmy and Saturn nominated Science Fiction show that air on Sunday nights on Fox in the 95/96 TV season. Originally when this program first aired I missed the first few episodes because of conflicts. I never missed an episode once I finally saw my first one.

    This show is about a future military from the single combat Marines standpoint. It follows a group of young recruits that all join up in the year 2063 when the human race is in danger. I see a September 11th type corollary today to our young people signing up after that date. There are many reasons for every person to be there and the show dealt with lots of them. Five young men and women make up the Wildcards who are all officers who fly their fighters off the Saratoga Space Carrier as well as working as special forces operatives during the "Chig War"(An alien race out to eradicate humanity). Humanity had just been through the "AI War" (Artificial Intelligence people who are genetically produced) and many of the main characters of the show are representative of the AI race.

    The show deals with racism, sexism, romance, personal loss, terrorists, rebels, cowardice, and loneliness in very deep and special ways.

    The stories are thoughtful, well written, and very exciting. The acting is well done and each of the characters shines at one moment or another.

    Fox was the network that carried Space and it was originally signed for a five year run. I don't remember the specific reasons why the show only lasted a season, but Fox was not the major network it is today and this show might have been just to expensive a proposition long term for the fledgling network. The final episode was written as a finale or cliff hanger for the first season depending on whether the show was renewed or not. The show had a X-files kind of look and feel to it and was shot in a very dark and specific way almost black and white but very well done.

    One of the best Sci-Fi, war, drama, and group cast shows ever shown on television, Space Above and Beyond is available in a single season DVD set. I have watched this series a number of times and have enjoyed reliving it each time. I would highly recommend it to any Sci-Fi fan especially.

    Thanks for reading...
  • I agree A great show. This is the real Starship Troopers!

    Although I know they would never bring it back, networks never give cult shows a chance, SA&B deserves ressurection. The show is closer to what Starship Troopers the Book was than the movie.

    The characters were great, special effect great and stories were engaging. I think it could give Battlestar a run for it's money.

    I remeber watching when it was on tv and thought what a great sci fi show, gritty, action packed & true to life, no transporters, phasers, anit grav, a televison version of Aliens, of course the bad guys were not as bad, or ugly.

    It was a dissapointment to watch the final episode and know that there would be no more shows.
  • So that's it, the last episode and a pretty good one to go out on, the peace talks develop, take a twist and the Wild Cards play out their hands.

    This whole Chig-Human war was always made out worse than it was for the Humans, most of the battles seemed to be close to the Chig homeland and the HUmans steadily got closer despite severe losses, the writers drawing the parallel with the Pacific War in WW2. The corporate interests of Aerotech are revealed to be less than honourable, and some conjecture is made as to the combatants' possibly common origins. West's mcguffin, the hostages and gal pal Kylen, from the original Tellus colony, are dangled in the peace talks. Is a happy ending in the deck? A climatic rescue, some good tension and action, and, well, some cards fall. It took awhile but the series did improve, the back half much better than the earlier episodes.
  • One of the top SciFi shows available.

    This is one of the top SciFi shows using the Out Space genre that has been produced. The episodes have meat in them and the special effects enhance the show not dominate them. The characters are likable. One cares about them and are "people" with whom one would chose to hang out with! I particularly appreciate the subtle Christian imagery that is present several of the episodes. Nathan's hospital room is decked with white Easter Lilies (the resurrection), the Commodore is playing "Amazing Grace" on his guitar when Lt. Col. McQueen enters his quarters, and proper burial of the dead with Scripture and prayers are several of the images used. There are several series I truly enjoy watching more than once…"Stargate SG-1" (first several seasons), "Angel" (first four seasons), and "Space: Above and Beyond". Each is worth the investment of my time-and yours!

    Perhaps this series qualifies for the Bravo series "Brilliant but Canceled!
  • Not the best but not a waste of time either.

    There is one thing I do like about this show, it was ambitious. It had major competition with Star Trek and Babylon 5 and even though it only lasted one season I enjoyed watching the series. What looked like limited budgets it did provide the sci fi experience I was expecting when watching the series. The sets gave it a feel hat they were on other planets. There were a few notable guess stars as well that gave it credibility as a show and as good entertainment. I hope a producer comes out with a 2 hour movie that closes all the endings properly.
  • For edgy space drama you can't beat this one of a kind show!!

    When hearing about this show I hear the phrases..'not gritty enough','not enough cgi',no fancy spaceships'....Wake up People!! This show wasn't about any of that. It was about a group of every day kids, kids just like you and me at that age, suddenly thrown into the reality of war. It wasn't about huge, ultra clean spaceships ala Star Trek. It featured beat up old scows and utilitarian warships, no frills, no replicators, and no holodecks. (Think 'Wing Commander' with their bare bones warships). Yes they had their token 'aliens', and yes they had women in tight spacesuits, token minorities, etc. BUT, unlike other series I could mention, the minorites die,as hero's of course, the women are assumed to die, the only one NOT to die is the main male character. We saw people making hideous mistakes in the context for the show and have to witness horrific reults. There was no cutesy alien or android to save the day at the last minute. And THAT'S why I think this show was WAAAAAY ahead of it's time and it's truly tragic they decided to wrap it all up in just one season. I think this could have had a long run if it had been better handled.
  • the best film of my high-school period, and one of the best movies ever

    i was watching this show every week with biggest enthusiasm ever! when the TV channel closed, i kinda' lost the show because it was translated in Hungarian, so i never knew the real name of the show! After that i was hoping that i will see the series on another channel, but this never happened! If you are a sci-fi fan, you HAVE TO see this show! For that period it was just amazing! When after this serier i saw the first episodes of SG1, i was not impressed, because in my opinion, the Space and Above is superior, in quality and action (we are talking about the first series of SG1)

    Just see the series and belive me, you will just love it!
  • Was a "B"

    Reminds me of a B movie. You know the low cost budget films with no name actors. Anyway the plot was from the beginning mildly interesting. An alien race that had suddenly attacked the world and there was also the A.I.'s who were part of the last conflict of humans plus the artificial humans or invitros who were like clones.
  • Just re watching this series now. Shame it ended. Ahead of it's time for sure.

    Its too bad this series hadn't started years later when it did or had a little more budget for effects because it could have gone more than just the one season.

    The casting in this movie was awesome. Col McQueen is an incredible character played by an excellent actor. I can see the parallels some have made between this show and BattleStart Galactica, although the plot is very different. It has an ingenious plot and great sub plots with the InVitros and AI drones.

    With Star Trek now completely over and StarGate SG1 ended, the world is in need of new Sci-Fi shows. This would make an excellent candidate to be re-done, however, it would not be the same I think without some of the original actors.
  • Helped serve as a model for future space military shows.

    Space: Above and Beyond was definately a show before it's time. Although set in the future the commradary the 58th is reminiscent of Band of Brothers. Furthermore, the not-well known cast held its own and created a truely gratifying season. They squeezed a whole series into one season, something that any fan of the show knows!
  • Some of the best story plots and bad guys seen in sci-fi for a long time!! Truly a giant above and beyond other sci-fi shows!!!

    One for the die hard fans out there:
    Has opened it\'s forum again:

    I used to watch this show years ago, loved ever episode, including \"Level of Necessity\".
    Truly a fantastic show, true it\'s older now .... 10 years older but for it\'s age it has aged very well.
    For me the best episode was \"Who Monitors the birds?\", followed by Hostile Visit, Tell our moms, and the PILOT.

    I could list more but this would become an episode list! ;-)
  • Better than most sci-fi series.

    Of course they killed off 90% of the cast so they would have to find a whole new cast. Reminded me of the end of Blakes 7 where nearly everyone died. Thats the main reason I still remember it. I kept hoping it would continue and the whole thing was a bad dream. It had alot of potential but had little support. It could have been as strong as Battlestar Galactica 2003. Battlestar Galactica even stole that episode about the Alien Red Baron in their Scar episode. So I guess SAAB was influential after all. In reality the chances of it coming back are slim and none.
  • Five young men and women struggle with war, prejudice, life, and love in outer space. Jam packed with sci-fi action, many episodes, particularly the later ones, invoked raw emotions as well.

    A strong cast, special effects before its time, and focused storytelling made this a must see show for all sci-fi fans. While it only lasted one season, the stories of ayoung men and woman at war can strike a deep chord in us all. The show covered all the bases- prejudice and alienation, love, friendship, and the difficulties that all soldiers face in war. Even the ending gave us new threads- discovering that the enemy they were fighting perhaps weren't the enemy at all. Maybe someday FOX will take pity on us poor fans and give us what we desrve- a tv movie that answers the questions that the finale left open.
  • This show was far ahead of its time with threads to today\'s Battlestar Galactica (2003)...

    Set in the future with fairly plausable weapon systems, Space: Above and Beyond was one of my personal favorites when it first aired. Having gotten the DVDs as a Father\'s Day gift, I was thrilled to relive the series. Of course, I didn\'t remember the effects being that cheesey. :)

    The dark theme of a war humanity is loosing had the same \"Apocolypse Noir\" being touted in today\'s Battlestar Galactica (another personal fav), but well before it was considered fashionable. With the pilot episode showing a \"Pearl Harbor\" style attack of Earth\'s first colonies in space galvonizing the many different nations into action, you get the sense that despite the UN\'s best efforts (and Star Trek\'s best wishes) there still is a USMC and good ol\' fashion Corps spirit. Much of the show\'s dialogue is cluttered with a mix of old and imagined Corps lingo.

    Overall, I enjoyed the show and felt a little cheated with the plug being pulled after such a season cliffhanger. If the show would have been produced in 2002 rather than 1995, I think it would have been hailed as groundbreaking in a post-9/11 audience. I do get agravated seeing some of the story lines being ripped off in Battlestar (i.e. Chiggy-Von-Richthofen storyline in Space became \"Scar\" in Battlestar), but when good storylines work... they work.

    The characters of McQueen and Commadore Ross as well as the Wildcards were some of the richest I have seen in a while. All are flawed in different ways. Some have predjudices (Tanks) and all have pasts. Jim Morrisson (now on 24) was an excellent example of the grounded ace who sees the pilots as his children. Commadore Ross (commander of the Saratoga) is more than the stoic commander as he plays the blues guitar. Such depth and richness isn\'t found often.

    Given the chance (and the ability to set aside some bad graphics), it\'s worth watching!
  • A really cool sci fi series.

    This is one kick ass sci fi show. It promises sci fi junkies with a much needed weekly fix. This show is full of action, space battles and eye poppy special effects. Yet, the effects aren\'t bogged down with sloppy storytelling. The story follows a team of US Marines sent out in outer space to hunt down aliens fighting for their right to exist in the galaxy. It is a classic tale about us vs. them. Since the drama takes place in outer space, there are several possible storylines that could be written to fill out several seasons. Each week treats the viewer with an experience that is truly out of this world.
  • good for the time

    i really liked this show. i was not all that suprised when it was cancelled though. i do not think the viewers were ready for it. i do not know how babylon 5 was so successful and this show was not. at least we got an entire season. nowadays they would have cancelled it three or four weeks in.
  • Yet another show Foxed before it\'s time. Slow to start, but even stronger for it. This show wasn\'t about people going from zero to hero in 60 minutes, but how the events they witnessed bonded them together.

    Space\' tells the story of the 58th Wildcards. A USMC training unit forced in to the front line of a future war with and alien force few knew existed.

    One of the more expensive shows in production at the time, the money is clearly on the screen. With detailed and fitting sets and some of the best CGI work of it\'s time. That all came together to complement the story rather than run it.

    Like many before and since, the show was killed by Fox office politics and it\'s refusal to sell out and become \"Melrose Space\"

    Watch out for the closing shot, described by the shows creators, Glen Morgan & James Wong, as a picture of how they felt at the end.

  • GET SOME!!!!

    Best last words of any character ever. I remember watching the finale and didn't know it was the series finale and half of the characters died. Awesome show, a victim of Fox's idiotic approach to programming, move the show around, don't promote it and cancel it if it shows any sign of intelligent writing and great storylines.
    This show was ahead of it's time and if it were on the Sci-Fi channel, it'd still be on. From the pilot episode where their boot camp SGT was SGT Hartman from Full Metal Jacket to the constant love/hate/competition among the pilots, this show was a A+ on a F- Network.
  • One of the greatest shows ever! Even by today\'s standards!

    Hello everyone,
    I watched Space: A&A when it first aired in Germany (\'97 I suppose) and really loved it. But I had\'nt seen it ever since it was last reshown on german TV. Well a couple of days ago I decided to watch it again and got it via the net, \'cause there is no other way over here. Maybe you know the thing about childhood memories, you really loved something in your younger days and when you see/watch it again it\'s not so great at all. Well I didn\'t expect much from Space, got more out of nostalgia, but whem I watched the first 6 episodes I had to admit that it is really one of the best shows ever (not only SciFi)!!! It\'s made extremely well, has some good drama in it, the characters are not as shallow as the ones in Star Trek and the eqipment and sets are lokking great. That\'s also the point why they killed it off: it sure as hell was an expensive show and really aired 10 years too soon!!!! Should they ever bring it back it would be a real cempetitor to the new Battlestar Galactica (which is not bad but clearly got some ideas from S:AaA)!
  • Another victim of FOX's schedule changes and poor promotion. Could have become a sci-fi staple and had good stories and effects all things considered

    This series reminds me of Firefly and Battlestar Galactica in that they started a bit slow and needed to build an audience. The difference is that Sci Fi Channel allowed BSG to build its audience whereas FOX seemed to do all that it could to prevent audience building on Firefly.

    With Space:A&B, it has a good show with well written stories and characters but it was a story best watched every week to really enjoy the arcs. It was not a series with episodes that really stand alone for a first time viewer. Because FOX aired it at a poor time, when it aired it, it could not build that audience it needed. FOX shows a knack for picking really good shows but then killing them by placing in poor time slots and pre-empting them.

    I wish this one would come back but I know it has been too long now. I would love to know what the real deal was with the Chigs but I guess I will have to imagine it.
  • This show was Battlestar Galactica :2003 before Battlestar Galactica :2003

    Basically this was a very gritty space drama that came out in the mid nineties that no one was ready for. It was high drama many of the episodes in this series were very depressing and it seemed at times that the colonials were going to lose, so every triumph that the 58th found was excellent. They had the chig which were the mysterious alien race that had suddenly attacked the world and there was also the A.I.'s who were part of the last conflict of humans plus the artificial humans or invitros who were like clones. It was series that had a lot of potential depth that many people believe that fox squandered on for so long. If space had the writers that battlestar galacitca has right now and had the support the sci fi channel gives it that fox doesn't(much like they did to firefly) Then this series might still be on today or might of ended a year ago rather than after one season. Mind you there were some glaring problems such has the fact that space marines also flew fighters rather than having the two jobs being specialized. Shane Mc queen and west were very nice characters to follow every week during the war and all of the situations were very desparate on this show it gave me chills watching most of the time. If you can ever find it on dvd( is it out) or can find recorded copies on ebay find them because it was good sci fi back in the day.
  • The original gritty space drama that came and died before its time. Everyone seems to be talking about how great the new Battlestar Galactica series is - but this show seems to be its spiritual ancestor.

    I've had more than a few friends tell me how great that new Battlestar Galactica series is - "Wow," they say. "It's science fiction, but it's also real! There's some good drama there!"

    That's exactly what I thought when I first saw this series back in 1995. But back then, the economy was booming and it was hard to truly visualize a dark future, it just seemed that everything was always going to get better. It sounds harsh to say this, but I think the September 11th attacks of 2001 made many people realize that the world is darker than they thought, and the new Battlestar Galactica series resonates with them. In that sense, Space: Above and Beyond was perhaps before its time.

    We see a gritty future earth world that is anything but a utopia, that has been ravaged by a war with synthetic humans (does this theme sound familiar?) To combat these "silicates" or "AIs", the various earth governments decide to artificially grow ,humans for the war - they are called "in vitros" or "tanks". After the AIs are warded off in a brutal war, the many invitro warriors return home to a world full of natural born humans that discriminate against them and regard them as little more than chattel.

    But when these humans leave the cradle of our world to colonize other worlds they are attacked by a powerful alien race (the Chigs) that seeks the outright annihlation of the humans. Once more the invitros are called upon to protect the Earth that does not care for them, but it doesn't look like Earth has much chance of winning this war.

    In the midst of this chaos we follow a young group of marines, the 58th. They ride on the space carrier Saratoga, looking to stop the alien vanguard from invading earth.

    The struggles among the squad members are very believable. Each squad member has their own personal demons to battle as well, from Cooper Hawkes, the invitro who does not truly know why he fights, to squad leader Shane Vansen, whose parents were murdered by the AIs. Nathan West seeks to find his girlfriend who was missing after the alien attack.

    But the character that really steals the show is Tyrus Cassius McQueen, an invitro bred for fighting the AI wars. He was injured in the initial alien attack, and is rendered unfit to fight the enemy he so wishes to destroy. He is sometimes seen by Hawkes as a father figure, a role he does not relish. He is stern and tough on the people under his command but also cares about their plight deeply. He is well read and his soliloquies throughout the series seem profound. He reminds me of many Vietnam war veterans, who were called upon to do a terrible job and were not always thanked for it. And much like any war veteran, he conceals a lot of terrible memories and reminds us of true cost of warfare, even if we supposedly "win".

    We see plots that explore the dark sides of human nature. One episode where Paul Wang is captured by an AI explores the concept of torture. Shane Vansen is called upon numerous times to engage an enemy that murdered her family. The man-child Cooper Hawkes (who is only a few years old despite his appearance) experiences love, lust, rejection and even faces drug addiction.

    We even get to explore the nature of the enemy who they are fighting. In one episode, Hawkes stumbles upon another alien warrior, and instead of killing each other, they go their separate ways.

    Many episodes take place in warzones where soldiers have gone mad.

    Almost every episode was brilliant. Of course it had its problems, namely with its military authenticity. But this was science fiction so I granted it some leeway.

    So if this series was so great, how could it die? Well, I have many theories and most of them involve the outright stupidity of the Fox network. One of the biggest problems was its original timeslot, which put it in direct competition with ratings winner 60 minutes. If that wasn't bad enough it was frequently co-opted or cut short by sport events, so many people never got to see episodes in their entirety or forgot about it altogether.

    And so this series lives on only on DVD, a lost gem. But in a certain way, it lives on in the new Battlestar Galactica series, which seems to have similar dark themes. Check this one out on Netflix sometime if you haven't seen it - you will be in for a treat.
  • How can this show ever have been cancelled? Clearly, Space, Above and beyond is enjoyed by many and never should have gone away.

    Space, Above and beyond was an instant classic. I enjoyed every episode and currently own the dvd set. Easily one of the best sci-fi shows to have ever aired. I would have loved some resolution in the ending besides the possibilities that were brought about. The structure of the show was well thought out and the acting grew better and better as the character development progressed. My favorite character has got to be the Ty. I thought his bad@55 C/O was well put together and and it was easy to believe he really cared about the Wild Cards. Hoo Rah!
  • I thought SAAB was an excellent series 11 years ago when it first aired, now watching all the shows on DVD, I believe it to be an outstanding study of courage and heroism.

    If ever a series was pulled from the airways too soon this is it. Maybe it was too deep for a majority of the viewing public, or was just looked at as a shot the bad guys up show.

    I also feel the fact that Starship Troopers was going to hit the big screen in 1997 that viewers would think they were seeing a big budget version of "Space". The similarities are there, maybe enough 'pull' was applied to make sure it didn't have a negative effect on the box office sales.

    What really set SAAB apart from many shows of it's kind is the excellent cast. That is what made this work, especially James Morrison's portral of McQueen.

    Maybe it's the fact that here, at the beginning of 2006, with the world being what it is today, watching these episodes I find myself thinking of the men and women fighting and dying on distant lands for the very things the 58th were, freedom.

    I wonder if the 58th helped win the war and their all back home safe and sound.

    On a lighter note, SAAB was entertaining and it's writing, visuals and subtle attention to details gave it humanity and a reality. At least with the entire series being on DVD now, it can be enjoyed anytime one wants to see a class act of a program.
  • A brilliant show doomed to failure

    Fox Television ensured that Space: Above And Beyond would be canceled after or during its first season by pitting against such shows as 60 Minutes and The Superbowl. Scripts, casting and character development was excellent. Fox, however, showed this program in a time slot for which it was not designed, regularly failed to air episodes when they were scheduled and the failed to let viewers know when the episodes were going to be broadcast. Despite its execellent scripts and casting, Space: Above And Beyond was doomed from the start.
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