Space Academy

CBS (ended 1979)




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Space Academy

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Young cadets explore the universe in the year 3732 under the watchful eye of 300-year-old Commander Gampu. They travel on Space Academy, a self-propelled, man-made planetoid. The main characters of the show formed Blue Team, one of the premier teams in the Academy. Its members included:

- Captain Chris Gentry - Laura Gentry, Chris' younger sister - Tee Gar Soom, a science cadet from a race with extraordinary strength - Paul Jerome - Adrian, a science cadet that Chris was attracted to - Loki, a small boy found alone on a doomed planet, who has a habit of stowing away on missions - Peepo, a small, thinking robot

This was the second live-action children's show from Filmation, after Ark II the previous season. The Seeker spacecraft were partly modeled after the Ark.

The following season, the sets were re-used for a spin-off show, Jason of Star Command. Set in a secret section of the Academy, Star Command had a completely different cast of characters and was more action-oriented.moreless