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Space Cases

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Space Cases is about five space cadets, their two teachers and a malfunctioning android, Thelma. After the children see an alien spaceship, the Christa, outside their Space Academy and board it they become lost in space, with their assistant principal and teacher.

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  • It's Sad This Show Didn't Last Long

    I loved this show. I wanted to cry when I found out this show was canceled after only two seasons. The last episode didn't act as a last episode. This show was never finished because we never found out for sure whether or not the crew made it home. They had to cancel the show early because nobody could get the right financing for more episodes. I agree with whomever else wishes for this show to get released on DVD or Blu-Ray. If it does, the memories of the show will live on for a very long time!moreless
  • DVDS!?!?

    Seriously.. release this on DVD.. or play them on tv.. something!!!
  • I absolutely loved this show! Nick needs to create a network for all it's classic shows and include Space Cases. Sure, it was a little campy but the plots were interesting and the song was catchy. Five Starsmoreless

    The people at Nickelodeon, must have not known what they were doing when they removed this show from their lineup, had they no idea how many people actually found this show interesting. This was my favorite show. I remember watching SNICK at 8 PM every single Saturday. And I miss this show...although, corny at times, it never failed to delight me. Something that bothered me though... Why couldn't Suzee and Catalina exist in the same dimension? Little annoying but I digress. And I must congratulate on the writers of the scripts, that kept me glued to the TV. I normally dislike Sci Fi, but this is a huge exception. I wish they would at least put on reruns.

    * excerpt from IMDB.commoreless
  • I found out one day and never stopped liking it!

    I thought it was great cause it made kids want to go into outer space. I was 9 when it came out and I love to this day and I'll be 20 in September! I wish it never stopped cause I want to see what would happen next for the crew of the Crista and I thought it made me realize that space is one of the coolest things to discover out there in the world. I hope it hits DVD so I can watch it over and over again! I miss it a lot over here! I hope it comes back!moreless
  • I loved this show, they never should have canceled it, if Nickelodeon had any sense they would bring it back.

    I remember the classic Nickelodeon shows, back before Spongebob and …. What else do they even have now? Zoey 101 and that garbage? Back when All That was actually funny, and good shows ruled the airwaves like Are You Afraid of the Dark and Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts…. Nickelodeon had struck gold. Almost every show was good quality and worth watching. Now the energy it takes to turn on the TV is more than the shows that are playing deserve. They need to bring back the classics. One show they need to bring back and never should have gotten rid of in the first place is Space Cases.

    Spaces Cases was a show about a group of misfit kids, at the bottom of their class at the Space Academy. During a quasi detention they are told that they failed their classes and would not be allowed to take the field test in space. The Vice Principal leaves to find their new teacher – at which point they notice an alien ship docked outside. Fearing that they will never get a chance to go into space they decide to board the alien vessel and look around. Shortly there after the ship is accidentally launched with the students and 2 adults still inside. The ship is then sucked through a space rift that leaves them with a return trip that would take 7 years. The premise was excellent and when I was a kid this was one of my favorite shows. I just recently managed to get a copy and while now the acting and effects are slightly outdated the show is no less enjoyable. The actors in the show are still young enough that they could be brought back to start a Space Cases next generation or something of the sort. Space Cases to this day remains one of my favorite programs. Overall Space Cases was a great show that was lost by a network no longer concerned with quality programming.moreless

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