Space Cases

Season 1 Episode 3

A Day In The Life

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 1996 on Nickelodeon
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A Day In The Life
The students are just beginning to get used to their lives on board the Christa. However, Miss Davenport's new schedule that she insists is "tip-top priority" puts the crew in danger.

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      • Thelma: You are becoming rather skilled with your sonic powers, Catalina.
        Catalina: This is nothing. Really skilled Saturnians can knock down a building with a single blast. Although it'll take me years of practice to get that good.
        Thelma: Well, that sounds very impressive.
        Catalina: It is. I was showing Rosie, but she took off. Something about an earache.

      • Jin: But, there's just one more little thing. Bit of a drag, really. You see, just before we received your message, a mere seconds; two, three tops, we launched our Super Anti-Intruder Attack Missiles at you.
        Pel: Yeah, they can't be turned back.
        Jin: They will destroy you.
        Pel: Utterly.
        Jin: Completely.
        Pel: The good news is, we'll remember you fondly.
        Jin: We will.
        Pel: Bye-bye.
        Jin: Bye!

      • Jin: That's it, then. Even if they contact us now, apologizing profusely, they haven't got a prayer.
        (a couple seconds later)
        Pel: Jin, look! It's them. They're contacting us and apologizing profusely!

      • Jin: You have to give our target credit. They're nimble little devils.
        Pel: They are.
        Jin: You have to admire them, really.
        Pel: Absolutely.
        Jin: You have to give them a pat on the back, say, 'Well done, lads!'
        Pel: You do.
        Jin: You have to blow them to free-floating atoms with the Super Anti-Intruder Attack Missiles.
        Pel: Do we really? I mean, those are expensive missiles. If we miss, we'll get yelled at.

      • Davenport: The ship is under attack. We all might be dead in a moment. Why would the commander want us staying down here?
        Bova: Maybe he thinks some of us will panic and be a distraction.
        Davenport: (while panicking) Why would he think that?

      • Harlan: Hey, that sounds like some kind of alarm.
        Goddard: It's probably something I did.

      • Davenport: Catalina, we will have to have a long talk about (finger quotes) Suzee. (Receives dirty look from Cat.)

      • Bova: I'll be in charge of mess!
        Davenport: You mean food.
        Bova: That, too.

      • Pel: They'll probably hold it against us.
        Jin: What, after they're dead?
        Pel: Well, yeah, sure, not before that, certainly.
        Jin: Pel, if they're dead, they won't care.

      • Radu: (after getting something from the food-wheel) I finally got something edible!
        Harlan: You call that edible?

      • Jin: Hey, look! Unidentified intruders!
        Pel: You're absolutely right, Jin. From the look of things, I'd say they were several hours away from our Prime Three security sector.
        Jin: I conclude with your astute observation, Pel. Well, we'll have to have them blown up, then, don't you agree?
        Pel: Well, normally yes, but uh, they could be invited intruders.
        Jin: Whoever heard of invited intruders? If they were invited, they wouldn't be intruders, they'd be invitees, and we'd be having them down for drinks and cheesy bits, not blowing them up!
        Pel: Oh, yeah, right. But we'd only have to blow them up if the Planetary Intruder Squad finds out.
        Jin: We're the Planetary Intruder Squad, remember?
        Pel: Oh, yeah.

      • (Writing in journal)
        Harlan: I try hard not to constantly be the first one to give the answer in class...

      • Harlan: We're stuck in space! It's like seven years of detention! What more could she do?
        Rosie & Radu: You... don't want to know.

      • Goddard: Radu, raise the shields!
        Radu: How do I do that?
        Goddard: I don't know!

      • Catalina: (To Suzee) It's a good thing you're here, or I'd have gone nuts.

      • (Rosie and Harlan lament Cat's sonic scream practices)
        Rosie: I keep warning her not to overdo her sonic practicing. She could blow out a vocal cord or something!
        Harlan: Yeah, well that's one of the dangers when you're hooked on sonics.

      • Thelma: I will be trying to keep my own journal of my life, which is problematic since I am not alive.

      • Thelma: My! What polite killers!

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Episode title: "A Day In The Life"

        "A Day in the Life" is the title of a song by the popular British group The Beatles.

      • In this episode in her journal entry, Ms. Davenport refers to the group of students as "space cases" an allusion to the title of the show.