Space Cases

Season 2 Episode 13

A Friend In Need

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 1997 on Nickelodeon
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A Friend In Need
The Christa makes an encounter with a space station with a mind of its own named Pezu after it was attacked by Spung. But the problem is that Pezu wants Suzee for herself, and is putting the Christa in danger to get her.

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      • Warlord Shank: Where are they?
        : Do you know what I've learned? I've learned that if you love someone as a friend, you have to be willing to let her go.
        Warlord Shank
        : But do you know what Warlord Shank has learned? Warlord Shank has learned that he doesn't care what you have learned. (He blasts a piece of equipment and Pezu laughs menacingly) Oh, dear…

      • Spung Officer: Could we destroy their ship, O Dreaded One?
        Warlord Shank: How, by throwing rocks at it?

      • Davenport: Hurry Rosie, hurry.
        Rosie: I am hurrying.
        Davenport: Well, hurry faster!

      • Goddard: Gentlemen, if we go down, I'm for going down fighting.

      • Harlan: Is anything about this day gonna go right?
        Radu: I found some clean socks! Or was that yesterday?

      • Harlan: (while Radu holds a ceiling full of spikes that almost crushed them all): Be careful!
        Radu: Any other great advice?

      • Warlord Shank: I shall destroy everyone and everything on this entire outpost. But first, I shall destroy you.
        Radu: At least we won't have to clean up!

      • Radu: I can't hear any other people's heartbeats but ours.
        Harlan: You can hear the Commander's heart?

      • Pezu: You see, Suzee? You see how clever I am? They'll be gone, and I'll be blameless.

        Suzee: You got to do something! You've got to stop this!

        Pezu: Oh, don't worry, Suzee. I won't let the spung hurt you. I'll get rid of them, and then we can be—

        Suzee: We can be what? Friends? Don't you get it?! It will be your fault. Even if you keep me here prisoner until the day I die, I will never be your friend!

        Pezu: But Suzee, uh—

        Suzee: Friends help each other. Friendship is not about power over people. It is about trust, and sacrifice, and everything you can't possibly understand, but you can save them, and you won't, so I'll hate you forever for that!

        Pezu: I think I've found the only thing worse than loneliness.


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