Space Cases

Season 1 Episode 5

Forever Young

Aired Unknown Mar 30, 1996 on Nickelodeon



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    • Young Goddard: Wait a minute. If we were the grownups, then I must have been the commander.
      Harlan: Way to go, Radu. Can't keep anything to yourself!
      Radu: I kept your computer prank secret, didn't I? Maybe if you hadn't taken the computer off-line this probe couldn't have gotten aboard.

    • Young Goddard: Davenport, isn't this great?
      Young Davenport: (under her breath) I can wait.
      Young Goddard: What?
      Young Davenport: I said I can't wait!
      Young Goddard: No, you said it with-
      Young Davenport: I know perfectly well what I said, young man!
      Young Goddard: (to Harlan) Tell me I'll be taller than her?

    • Davenport: Catalina, what is going on here? Mr. Band. Just promise me our lives aren't in danger.
      Harlan: Oh, don't worry. Everybody inside the ship is safe.
      Davenport: Well, that's re- who's not inside the ship? (Catalina pulls up an image of Commander Goddard floating unattached in an EVA suit on the screen) It's Commander Goddard.
      Catalina: It was an accident.
      Radu: The commander was fixing the airlock.
      Harlan: And those two flushed him out!
      Catalina: It was an accident!
      Davenport: For heaven's sakes, do something!
      Harlan: We're trying. We've got a tractor beam on him.
      Radu: But we're not sure how it works.
      Catalina: And Suzee says if we're not careful, we might accidentally rip the commander into shreds.
      Davenport: You have got to get him back in this ship!
      Harlan: Okay, Miss D. If you say so. (moves a control, and the image explodes)
      Goddard: (comes out of jumptubes) What's all the commotion?
      (Davenport screams and faints)
      Harlan: A computer simulation of you, blowing up in space!

    • Young Goddard: Oh, so you're the one responsible for all this.
      Harlan: Sorry, Commander, we were just -- wait a minute! You just keep your pants on there, short stuff.

    • Young Goddard: OK, Mr. Neinthing, get ready for Seth Goddard... Commander Seth Goddard. Stardog.

    • Goddard: Well, it's good to know that while you were in charge you handled everything smoothly. You did handle everything smoothly, didn't you? You didn't trash the ship?

    • Catalina: You know, it might have done them some good. Remembering what it was like to be kids again?
      (A pillow hits Catalina in the side of the head, and as she looks around, we see Miss Davenport smiling.)

    • Catalina: Okay, Mr. Nine-face. Eat this. Hyperdrive power!

    • Catalina: Wait! I'm not so sure.
      Harlan: Well, what does Suzee think? ... I can't believe I just asked that.

    • Thelma: Neinstein says it is time for meditation. We must do as Neinstein says or get zapped.
      Catalina: Oh, no! He's taken over Thelma!

    • Neinstein: Frivolity is not productive! Behavior like that should not be tolerated. A simple punishment is necessary to restore order! No! It must be far more than simple. It must be painful. Exceedingly. We do not waste time on specifics. We must act now. He's right! As long as the punishment is severe enough, that's all that matters! Correct! For as notice! Frivolity is not productive!

    • Harlan: If you're Seth Goddard -- (pointing) then she must be --
      Davenport: T.J. Davenport. And it isn't polite to point, thank you very much!
      Harlan: Whoa, that is definitely Miss Davenport.

    • Davenport: Good heavens, when are they gonna stop these stupid pranks?!
      Goddard: Pranks don't teleport.

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