Space Cases

Season 1 Episode 5

Forever Young

Aired Unknown Mar 30, 1996 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • Davenport: Catalina, what is going on here? Mr. Band. Just promise me our lives aren't in danger.
      Harlan: Oh, don't worry. Everybody inside the ship is safe.
      Davenport: Well, that's re- who's not inside the ship? (Catalina pulls up an image of Commander Goddard floating unattached in an EVA suit on the screen) It's Commander Goddard.
      Catalina: It was an accident.
      Radu: The commander was fixing the airlock.
      Harlan: And those two flushed him out!
      Catalina: It was an accident!
      Davenport: For heaven's sakes, do something!
      Harlan: We're trying. We've got a tractor beam on him.
      Radu: But we're not sure how it works.
      Catalina: And Suzee says if we're not careful, we might accidentally rip the commander into shreds.
      Davenport: You have got to get him back in this ship!
      Harlan: Okay, Miss D. If you say so. (moves a control, and the image explodes)
      Goddard: (comes out of jumptubes) What's all the commotion?
      (Davenport screams and faints)
      Harlan: A computer simulation of you, blowing up in space!