Space Cases

Season 2 Episode 1

New Places, New Faces

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1996 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

This episode picks up moments after last season left off: our heroes have just escaped from the clutches of Warlord Shank when the Christa's sister ship exploded. Catalina was pulled into Suzee's dimension during the explosion. Suzee is now on board the Christa, much to the surprise of the crew, who had always believed she was imaginary. Suzee does not know how to switch them back without blowing up the Christa.

The crew are just beginning to accept the idea of Suzee's existence when they are confronted with another threat: Three Spung killcruisers drop out of hyperspace to attack the Christa. They inflict some damage on the Christa, but Elmira stops them, revealing in the process that she is the royal daughter of Warlord Shank (a fact that we learned last season, when Shank referred to her as his daughter, but the crew did not know this). The Spung transport Elmira back to their ship and resume the attack.

Our heroes escape by making a blind hyperjump. Although they survive the jump, they find themselves headed for a planet, moving too fast to avoid a crash landing. The ship is damaged, but Suzee assures the crew that the damage can be repaired. It will just take some time.

In the meantime, they begin to explore this new world, after Suzee assures them the atmosphere is safe by using her gills to test it. The crew tries to find food and water and sets up a base camp.

Thelma, while exploring, gets caught in a quicksand pit with a creature. Radu and Harlan rescue Thelma, but then Harlan gets caught in the pit, nearly crushed by the creature. Suzee enters the creature's mind, finds out that it just wants something to eat, and they manage to get Harlan out of the pit.

At the end of the episode, the kids are in the rec room, talking about Suzee. They are a little intimidated by her powers and intelligence, but they decide that she's one of them.