Space Cases

Season 1 Episode 6

Nowhere Man

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 1996 on Nickelodeon
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Nowhere Man
After Harlan tells Radu he is going to pretend that Radu's invisible, Harlan himself disappears. He soon finds that the ship's crew is in danger and he can not do anything about it.

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      • Goddard: What's on your mind, Radu?
        Radu: Uh, have you seen Harlan lately?
        Goddard: Not since I asked you the same question.
        Radu: Neither have I and I've been looking for him. I call that strange.
        Davenport: Hmm, I call it peaceful.

      • Davenport: Where's Mr. Band?
        Radu: I saw him about thirty minutes ago. He's busying working on a model project.
        Davenport: Yes, well I doubt that has anything to do with this becoming a "model" student.

      • Radu: (after he heard Harlan's voice) Did you hear something? I thought I did.
        Catalina: With those ears? You could probably hear a belch on Neptune. No offense.

      • Thelma: Be careful, Radu, I haven't finished repairing -
        Radu: - repairing the jumptubes yet! No kidding! Commander, have you seen - (falls in the jumptubes)
        Thelma: Oh, don't worry. He'll be back.

      • Goddard: You know, Miss Davenport, I've got a few things I've been meaning to tell you -
        Davenport: (Spits out the fudge)
        Goddard: But they can wait!

      • Radu: You laugh at the jokes. You even make some!
        Catalina: That is not true! I dare anyone to repeat a single joke I ever made about you!
        Thelma: Did you hear about the Andromedan who was so dumb, he thought light-speed was half the calories of full speed? How did the Andromedan break his neck while drinking? Somebody slammed the toilet seat. Did -
        Catalina: Okay! Okay. Just some jokes.

      • (Harlan has been mimicking Davenport's lesson)
        Davenport: It goes to the very core of our ability to journey great distances in space! After all, if there were no space travel, where would we be then?
        Catalina: Home!
        Radu: Home!
        Bova: Home!
        Rosie: Home!
        Harlan: (Stops mimicking) Home.
        Davenport: All right, true enough.

      • Catalina: The radiation level's almost off the scale! We've have a slow leak in the protomix.
        Rosie: There's gotta be some way to reverse it!
        Catalina: We could - reverse the polarities of the neutron flow?
        Thelma: That would work.
        Catalina: It could?

      • Harlan: And no one can say I didn't try to help. And I saved you, I saved you plenty of times in the past! I mean, who figured out how to steer the ship, huh? Me. And who steered us clear of those missiles? Me! It was me. And who - Who got us into this fix in the first place? Me. And I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry. I'm sorry!

      • Davenport: You were enjoying that entirely too much! Oh, those kids! When I get my hands on them, I'll -
        Goddard: Show them that no good dead goes unpunished? You can call me the worst teacher in the galaxy, but even I know what lessons you shouldn't teach.
        Davenport: You picked a miserable time to be right about something.

      • Rosie: It couldn't hurt! Nicer in general. Treat us -
        Davenport: As you treated me? Like the time when you remixed the atmosphere in my quarters with helium so I spoke like a duck for three days? Being nice is a two-way street! I wouldn't mind being nice, if you gave me reason to be.

      • Harlan: A mess!
        Radu: It's a great mess!
        Harlan: It's not supposed to be a mess! It's supposed to be a model of a Rigellian pyramid, and you made me wreck it!

      • Goddard: Radu? Are you OK?
        Radu: (To Thelma) I'm fine, Commander Goddard. My, what a lovely hat.

      • Radu: I could have broken my neck!
        Thelma: Broken your neck? Without a toilet seat?

      • Harlan: You know, Radu, I have been thinking about trying to be nice to you. I've got no idea why.
        Radu: Because the commander told you to?
        Harlan: OK, one idea why.

      • Goddard: (To Radu about Harlan) What, you're saying he's invisible or something?
        Catalina: Bet he doesn't make fun of Suzee now.

      • Harlan: Oh, man. Oh, man. Commander Goddard's gonna kill me. I broke the ship!

      • Thelma: (they are having problems with the ship) I have been trying to deal with it.
        Goddard: How?
        Thelma: By ignoring it and hoping the problem would go away.
        Goddard: Find another way, please.

      • Harlan: Maybe I should just talk to Suzee. One invisible friend to another.

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Episode title: "Nowhere Man"

        "Nowhere Man" is the title of a song by the popular British group The Beatles.

      • Catalina: We could - reverse the polarities of the neutron flow?

        This is a reference to the British science fiction show Doctor Who, reversing the polarity of the neutron flow was the catch phrase for the 3rd Doctor.

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