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  • It's Sad This Show Didn't Last Long

    I loved this show. I wanted to cry when I found out this show was canceled after only two seasons. The last episode didn't act as a last episode. This show was never finished because we never found out for sure whether or not the crew made it home. They had to cancel the show early because nobody could get the right financing for more episodes. I agree with whomever else wishes for this show to get released on DVD or Blu-Ray. If it does, the memories of the show will live on for a very long time!
  • DVDS!?!?

    Seriously.. release this on DVD.. or play them on tv.. something!!!
  • I absolutely loved this show! Nick needs to create a network for all it's classic shows and include Space Cases. Sure, it was a little campy but the plots were interesting and the song was catchy. Five Stars

    The people at Nickelodeon, must have not known what they were doing when they removed this show from their lineup, had they no idea how many people actually found this show interesting. This was my favorite show. I remember watching SNICK at 8 PM every single Saturday. And I miss this show...although, corny at times, it never failed to delight me. Something that bothered me though... Why couldn't Suzee and Catalina exist in the same dimension? Little annoying but I digress. And I must congratulate on the writers of the scripts, that kept me glued to the TV. I normally dislike Sci Fi, but this is a huge exception. I wish they would at least put on reruns.

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  • I found out one day and never stopped liking it!

    I thought it was great cause it made kids want to go into outer space. I was 9 when it came out and I love to this day and I'll be 20 in September! I wish it never stopped cause I want to see what would happen next for the crew of the Crista and I thought it made me realize that space is one of the coolest things to discover out there in the world. I hope it hits DVD so I can watch it over and over again! I miss it a lot over here! I hope it comes back!
  • I loved this show, they never should have canceled it, if Nickelodeon had any sense they would bring it back.

    I remember the classic Nickelodeon shows, back before Spongebob and …. What else do they even have now? Zoey 101 and that garbage? Back when All That was actually funny, and good shows ruled the airwaves like Are You Afraid of the Dark and Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts…. Nickelodeon had struck gold. Almost every show was good quality and worth watching. Now the energy it takes to turn on the TV is more than the shows that are playing deserve. They need to bring back the classics. One show they need to bring back and never should have gotten rid of in the first place is Space Cases.

    Spaces Cases was a show about a group of misfit kids, at the bottom of their class at the Space Academy. During a quasi detention they are told that they failed their classes and would not be allowed to take the field test in space. The Vice Principal leaves to find their new teacher – at which point they notice an alien ship docked outside. Fearing that they will never get a chance to go into space they decide to board the alien vessel and look around. Shortly there after the ship is accidentally launched with the students and 2 adults still inside. The ship is then sucked through a space rift that leaves them with a return trip that would take 7 years. The premise was excellent and when I was a kid this was one of my favorite shows. I just recently managed to get a copy and while now the acting and effects are slightly outdated the show is no less enjoyable. The actors in the show are still young enough that they could be brought back to start a Space Cases next generation or something of the sort. Space Cases to this day remains one of my favorite programs. Overall Space Cases was a great show that was lost by a network no longer concerned with quality programming.
  • A great series that its network simply didn\\\'t understand.

    Peter David and Bill Mumy created a very clever SF/comedy show for young teens, with enough baby-boomer culture and SF references to entertain their parents, a show that parents and could watch together. Unfortunately, that\\\'s not what Nickelodeon wanted. They apparently wanted a show for six-year-olds, and they simply didn\\\'t \\\"get\\\" what Peter and Bill were doing. The tension is evident in the second season, as the series bounces back and forth between more complex episodes written by Peter and Bill, such as Both Sides Now and Runaway, and episodes that seem to be written for preschoolers, such as All You Can Eaty and Mother Knows Best. The series was at its best in the first season, when Peter and Bill had more creative control, but there are still several bright spots in the second season.
  • It's a shame this show was cancelled.

    Now I admit that one of the reasons I feel such affection for Space Cases is because I grew up spending my weekends watching it as it was aired. Aside from that, I have to say after watching it, it was a great show. In the beginning, it was all kid's stuff; just silly jokes and fantasies, but as the show progressed, it got better. It developed more of a plot, the characters became deeper and it got more exciting and watchable. And then it was cancelled. I suppose I can see why, as it was a children's show and started to get perhaps a little too deep for the audience it was intended for. Now I'm not saying that this show became absolutely cutting edge of brilliant, just that it got much more intense and interesting than it started out as. It's the kind of show that, after watching what was filmed, I have the urge to track down the writers and ask them where this was going. I really want some kind of closure, but I'll probably never get it. Other than for nostalgia, I wouldn't reccomend anyone watching this show. It has a strange progression that makes it not quite for kids, but it's not adult enough for adults. Teenagers might enjoy it, but then there isn't a proper ending.
  • This show was awesome and funny

    So this is where "Zack" went after he left Power Rangers. Walter Jones is really a cool guy. I was really sad when Catalina and Suzee got switched, though. Everyone/everything on this show was just so zany - just so awesome and really funny. It was a really great show. I remember staying up late on Saturday nights when I was a kid just to watch this and Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  • One of the reasons you *should* get to know Jewel Staite by the end of this year.

    If anyone remembers this show from the '90s, then you should know exactly what I'm talking about.

    "They're Spa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-aace Cases!"

    Yeah, every time it was Friday night back in '96, I would always watch this. I couldn't get used to Catalina (still one of my favorite cadets today)'s supersonic shriek wave, but this makes up the show's more funnier moments (in one episode her supersonic blasts annoyed the entire crew on the ship). The supersonic blast is not as annoying as say, Jun Kazama screaming in pain in Tekken 2 whenever she gets KO'd in a battle.

    Then something happened. In '97, part of the ship blew up with Catalina still inside. Jewel Staite was replaced the next season by an unknown named Rebecca Herbst, normally from General Hospital. Both young women are as cute as, for example, Ellen Page and Kelly Stables nowadays, but 10 years ago, you *should* have liked Catalina and Suzee (and most people on this site who remember SC hate Suzee because Catalina was better). Or any of the other space cadets is fine as well. While Catalina's disappearance might have been a HUGE disappointment to Jewel Staite fans across the globe, Jewel is arguably one of the best actresses to date.

    Oh, and I will always remember this show because of Catalina's rainbow hair and the many adventures in space on the Christa. Space Cases Forever!
  • I miss this show

    I love Space Cases, it was a great nick show, and a great addition to snick which I also miss, nick deos not have many good shows on now they need to bring back there classic shows Space Cases being one of them. They had a great cast,Walter Jones The orignal black ranger was great he's a very talented actor, Its to bad the show had a short run.
  • pure waste of time!

    Okay, I know that some of you might hate me for saying this but to be honest with you, Space Cases is an example of how horrible star trek rip-offs can be. Every episode makes me think that the creator of the show was way too lazy to think of something original and what exactly did he do, he decided, hey, since star trek is being consided overrated by everyone at Nickelodeon, let's make fun of it by wasted everyones time with mindless crap like this. And that's exactly what he did. He made a deal with those then-devils Nickelodeon, used all of the money he had in his account, and made one terrible show which got cancelled because of the notion of it being a rip-off of Lost In Space. I say by any means nesessary, do not watch this show!
  • Once upon a time in a school in outer space, There was a class of misfit kids from all around the place.

    This show was very original great concept, it could of lasted longer. With great actors they all were lovable and you can work their part. I actually started watching it because Walter Jones from "Power Rangers" was in it. The show was smarter than most, I'm surprised Nickelodeon didn't have this show on longer. With each of them from different planets/galaxies they had a backstory. I really wish this show lasted longer!

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  • Just saw it after 8 years of not seeing it and was real disappointed with it.

    I would have been 8 years old when it first aired back in '96 and I remember it being so cool. Well it wasn't around long and for a while all I could remember was the theme song. Well recently I saw it and I was real disappointed. I was expecting more out of it. I mean I am 16 now and I know its made for younger kids but it was real boring. The plots were boring not much happens and its monotone the whole way through it. 8 years is a while to go without it but if you have a chance to see it don't expect much just a few memories.
  • Used to watch this when I was younger!

    I LOVED this show when I was little. It took my FOREVER to find it on here. lol. This show was, yes a little out there, but for their target audience, it was wonderful. Nickelodeon has had a great deal of hits over the years, but I think they are lagging. Bring back Are You Afraid of the Dark, Hey Dude, and all the others that we all grew up with!! I heard a rumor that Are You Afraid of the dark would be showing up on DVD soon! HOPE IT'S TRUE!
  • Good show!

    I always looked forward to the new episodes of Space Cases. Are there any reruns on anymore? I wanna see it! It was such a while ago that I saw it that i don't remember much about it... i know I really like it was one of my favorites.
  • Excellent.

    Very creative, very original. This show was exciting and always left you wanting the next episode. The storyline of Catalina and Suzy was especially interesting. I love how everyone thought that Suzy was just Cat's imaginary friend, then one day Cat disappears and Suzy shows up. Along with many other shows on nickelodeon, it was very disappointing to see the show leave with no finale or closure.
  • One of the best shows ever to air!

    So you take a bunch of kids who attend a space academy for learning but, inadvertently stumble upon a space ship and travel through a spatial rip in space and npw, the kids, plus 2 teachers who snuck on board, must find their way home. Can you say, "Best plot Ever"?!

    A great show that all will loive whether you like science fiction and space themes or not. When I was little, I enver missed an episode! 'Till this very day, I (sorta) remember the details of almost every episode. In this series, you will see (and, for some, maybe even experience) sadness, sorrow, frustration, problem-solving, turmoil, distress, etc. Once you watch it, you'll NEVER regret, nor forget, every episode you see!

    Every episode had a point of watching it, and they even incorporated other space-like environments and some alien races/species. There are two seasons, and, if I'm not mistaken, approximately 26 episodes. This show will leave you wanting for more with every passing episode! This is a show that everyone WILL, yes, will enjoy to the fullest and you won't regret watching it!!

    (Although it has ended, if you would like to check it out, or see why people like me love it so much, PLEASE email Family channel on the site Click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and take it from there (and inevitably, request the show). It's that simple (and incorporate reasons as to why you want the show back on the air!!) The mor emails they recieve, I am 99% sure that they will be more likely to consider putting it back on air. Please do so because this a show worth coming back on the air.

    But why Family Channel? Well, I find that, first of all, they are more receptive and they are more likely to listen to your request if they get an abundance of them. Nickelodeon tends to not listen to requests, unlike Family Channel. Simultaneously, I'm not saying don't email Nickelodeon, of course not! It's your choice. If you would like to email both the same message, that would be easier for you since you have a better chance of having them hear your request. Anyways, please do so because this show DESERVES to come back on the air (ask anyone on the forum). If you do, not only will everyone be grateful and you wil feel a sense of accomplishment, you will get to reap the rewards of watching a great and marvelous show!)
  • The Eye of the Future sees them... When five "space cases" of the Staracademy sneak aboard an alien ship, a series of events makes the ship blast off into a giant white hole to nowhere. Now it'll take them 7 years to get back home.

    Back in the good old days of the 90s, this was a sci-fi spoof for kids. The writing, set design, acting and special effects were top-notch for those days and the show was just plain FUN! Besides for being fun and hilarious, Space Cases always taught some sort of lesson. Normally, I would find this corny but Space Cases handled these lessons realistically (unlike other shows which ended with "Okay Jimmy, what did you learn today...?"). The second season, however, didn't always have these good aspects the first season had. (Thanks to Nick network executives, censors and other things...)

    Even as a disgruntled 19 year old, Space Cases has never, ever failed to bring a big smile on my face as I watch my tape of the few episodes I recorded. PLEASE come out on the Nick Rewind DVD series... >_