Space Cases - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • A Friend In Need
    A Friend In Need
    Episode 13
    The Christa makes an encounter with a space station with a mind of its own named Pezu after it was attacked by Spung. But the problem is that Pezu wants Suzee for herself, and is putting the Christa in danger to get her.
  • A Star Is Boring
    A Star Is Boring
    Episode 12
    Bova says he's the oldest man alive as a gag, and he becomes popular on the planet Neon. But how will Utz react when he discovers that Bova's been lying?
  • Trouble With Doubles
    The Christa runs into an enemy the crew could have never imagined—themselves.
  • Runaway
    Episode 10
    Radu and Bova get to go on a "boring" mission with the Starling 9 because Harlan and Suzee didn't want to go. Things go smoothly, until Suzee acts too smart and Harlan acts like a hotshot, and as a result, the Christa becomes a runaway! But what's worse is Harlan clipped the Starling, and Radu and Bova are running out of oxygen! Can the crew work together and stop the Christa before it runs out of fuel and save their friends before they die?moreless
  • Mother Knows Best
    Mother Knows Best
    Episode 9
    The Christa heads into a sector of space controlled by Ma, an energy-sucking monster. Ma steals the energy of everyone besides Radu and Thelma, and Ma is draining Thelma's energy! Can Radu save the day?
  • Both Sides Now
    Both Sides Now
    Episode 8
    Miss Davenport sure has gotten a big head lately! She overloaded her brain and heard the crew talking about how they would like to be each other, and so she grants their wish. Problem is, when they want to switch back, Miss Davenport says she can't do that. Can the crew get what they want, and will Miss Davenport's head ever return to its normal size?moreless
  • All You Can Eaty
    All You Can Eaty
    Episode 7
    The crew of the Christa is out in space collecting items, when they notice an asteroid – which is heading straight for them. The crew soon realise that it is a practical joke, they are the subjects of a prank.
  • Homeward Bound
    Homeward Bound
    Episode 6
    Radu has a dream where Elmira warns them that they are in danger. However, nobody believes him. There's a message that says that the Christa crew can prepare to go home, but Radu says that it's fake and that they are all in trouble. Suzee finally reads his mind and discovers that they really are in trouble.moreless
  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts
    Episode 5
    Rosie becomes a tattletale during a game of Truth or Doom and Suzee swears that she'll never speak to her again. Then the kids sneak out and a sulfur storm comes, but Rosie is undecided about telling everyone; she doesn't want to look like a snitch. Will Rosie tell to save her friends, or stay quiet and no longer be a tattletale?moreless
  • King Of The Hil
    King Of The Hil
    Episode 4
    The Hil people mistake Harlan for their king and want him to defeat a centuries old monster. So he, Thelma, Rosie, Radu, and Suzee go to defeat the monster whilst Miss Davenport and Bova are trapped inside a huge fruit.
  • Long Distance Calls
    The kids find a phone device and uses it to call home. The kids talk to their parents and Suzee talks to Catalina. Miss Davenport gets fired, and Commander Goddard is informed that he's in trouble. However, a Space Pirate named Reaver, who is the reason Commander Goddard is in any of this mess in the first place, lands on the planet and wants to steal things from the Christa. He even wants to sell Radu into slavery! Harlan is the only one who got away from Ubi, and even though Suzee helps (sort of), it's Harlan Band who saves the day!moreless
  • The Sporting Kind
    The Sporting Kind
    Episode 2
    While out exploring, Rosie and Harlan find a strange creature. Harlan tells Rosie to put it back, but then the Spung attack and Rosie takes it with her. Harlan tells everyone what happened as Rosie tries to hide the creature, but Suzee finds out. The girls discover it's a Rhombi, and that you can get telekinetic powers by drinking it's spit, and that it's primary hunter is the Spung.moreless
  • New Places, New Faces
    The crew meets Catalina's friend, Suzee, and crash land on a strange uncharted planet.
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