Space Cases

Season 1 Episode 4

Spung At Heart

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 1996 on Nickelodeon
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Spung At Heart
Harlan and Radu encounter a person in distress, but she is a Spung! She says she is an oracle, and her predictions are coming true.

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      • Radu: The Spung enslaved my entire race. Your people started a galactic war!
        Elmira: The war was an awful thing for both sides, Mr. Radu, but like you, I was only a child when it was happening. I had nothing to do with it.
        Goddard: And another thing, Radu. The Spung don't let their females fight, or have anything to do with policy decisions. They don't think they're smart enough.
        Elmira: That's the reason I left and struck out on my own.
        Catalina: Slavery and ignorance. What a fun race.

      • Goddard: Not many people have seen a Spung kill-cruiser up close and lived to tell about it.
        Harlan: How many?
        Goddard: If we live, we'll be the first.

      • Bova: Be careful, Rosie.
        Rosie: I know what I'm doing. I think.

      • Harlan: You can't blame the mistakes of others on her because she's from the same planet.
        Radu: All I ever hear from you is that you don't trust me because Andromedans killed your father during the war! Well, it was the Spung who forced the Andromedans to fight that war!
        Harlan: You heard her, First Officer Radu. She didn't do it.
        Radu: And neither did I.
        Harlan: Yeah, well, this is different.

      • Goddard: What do you think you're doing?
        Radu: She's a Spung!
        Harlan: She was in distress. And the Stardog code says that -
        Goddard: I know what the Stardog code says!
        Radu: We've got to get her off this ship!
        Harlan: And I promised! I gave my word as a captain!
        Goddard: As a captain? That's another thing!

      • Harlan: Commander.
        Goddard: What is it... Captain?
        Harlan: You are never gonna let me live that down, are you?
        (Goddard smirks)

      • Goddard: Did I just hear you admit a mistake?
        Harlan: It's not that big of a deal.
        Goddard: Yes it is. You're starting to recognize that sometimes a STARDOG doesn't know everything.

      • Catalina: Do you think we'll ever see her again?
        Radu: I think so.
        Harlan: Did she predict that?
        Radu: No. I'm predicting it. (Throws a handful of her sparkly dust in the air.)

      • Davenport: There! A ghost on every wall just as Elmira predicted. The way to control your destiny is to make it happen yourself. Now, I must moan for four days, just as Elmira said.
        Bova: I don't know, Miss Davenport. That's forcing it, don't you think?
        Davenport: No! I don't think. Neither will you. (Smacks Bova and goes back to moaning.)

      • Davenport: She thinks she's her imaginary friend!
        Bova: Invisible.
        Davenport: Whatever.

      • Goddard: Would you excuse us a moment? Something's burning. Cook stuff, you understand.
        Elmira: Is the cook always this important on an Earthling starship?
        Harlan: Uh… It's an old Earth tradition: if the cook doesn't get his way… we don't get dessert.
        Elmira: Oh.

      • Radu: We're back where this all began ... where the white circle dropped us off the first time. Seven years, four months, and twenty-two days from home.

      • Davenport: I'm going to be a ghost. I am going to be a ghost!
        Rosie: Maybe you don't have to be a real ghost.
        Bova: What other kind of ghost is there?

      • Elmira: A sneeze in time will make it true, all the trouble starts with you.

      • Elmira: A chilling fate I see for you, you will soon be very blue.
        Rosie: I don't like being sad!

      • Elmira: I have already seen my own future, Commander. We will all do what we are destined to do.

      • Harlan: This is my first officer Radu, and-and this is, uh...
        Goddard: Commander Seth Goddard.
        Harlan: Uh, right, right, this is Commander Goddard, our, um - our cook. Welcome aboard.

      • Harlan: And you can be vice-captain.
        (Radu looks at him.)
        Harlan: Assistant captain.
        Radu: (smugly) First officer.

      • Elmira: Harlan Band doesn't hate you, Radu. He's afraid of you.
        Radu: Afraid?
        Elmira: Yes. Every time he looks at you, he's afraid that everything he knows is wrong. And so are you, every time you look at me.

      • Elmira: Fire and Darkness you will tame, hero added to your name. Noble Radu, worthy and brave, those who scorn you, you will save.
        Radu: So it is an act isn't it?

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