Space Cases

Season 1 Episode 11

The Impossible Dram

Aired Unknown May 18, 1996 on Nickelodeon
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The Impossible Dram
Dram, an old but sweet man, comes aboard the Christa, acting like he is from the Middle Ages, and mistakes Catalina for his daughter Mirabella. He also says there is a creature on board that is draining everyone of their energy. Is he just a crazy old man, or does he speak truth?moreless

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  • Catalina never dreams and sees no harm in it. However, when an old man named Dram who believes he's a knight boards the ship, Cat learns the meaning of having dreams and fighting for them. Meanwhile, the others begin to fall asleep one by one! Is this Dramoreless

    Space Cases was one of the few Nick shows that actually had character development and also characters that weren't one dimensional. This episode proved that. Catalina, to a first-time viewer, would probably be looked upon as the stuck-up girl on the ship. Sure, Cat can be a little snobbish sometimes, but through the first season we saw her motherly side, her kind side, her intelligent side, her stubborn side, her weird side and many other sides. Like real humans, Cat and the other characters have multiple sides that are often masked because of their ego, hurt, desire of attention and other things. So what better way to show the real side of the Space Cases crew by bringing an elderly man aboard who is secretly dying? This episode was used as a HUGE character development for Catalina and the others...but especially Catalina. This was a brilliant idea to shine more light on Cat considering what happens in the last episode of the first season…

    Story: We enter this fine episode with a dream sequence. Cat is dreaming that her crewmates have been turned into medieval figures. A jester Radu gives Cat some balls to juggle, but when she tries to juggle, she can’t do it. Thus, everyone laughs and laughs and laughs… THELMA wakes Cat up from this twisted nightmare and Cat laughs nervously at the fact she was dreaming. THELMA asks Cat why she seems so surprised and Cat replies that people from Saturn don’t dream that much and that she almost never dreams. When THELMA asks why, Cat seems utterly baffled. She tells THELMA slowly she just doesn’t and THELMA reminds Cat that she had promised Rosie to play chess with her. Cat shoots up and, by mistake, (or fate controlled by The Christa…hm…) jumps down the wrong jumptube. Catalina ends up by the airlock and complains to Suzee about the jumptube system. Suddenly, the airlock opens and an old man dressed like a knight comes out, pointing his sword fiercely. Turns out, this old knight is Dram and he believes there is a monster onboard the ship! Even odder, he believes Cat is his daughter and her crewmates are his old knight friends/monsters/noblemen. Miss Davenport, Radu and THELMA (hilariously) look into Dram’s past while chaos assumes on the ship and find out something horrible and heartbreaking. Dram is dying. Catalina, heartbroken, desperately wants to help Dram in anyway she can…even by creating a fake monster to please him. However, when everyone begins to grow tired and start to fall asleep, Catalina and Dram are left to stand against a real monster…

    This is a great and heartbreaking episode. In the past episodes, the writers drop us subtle hints that Cat’s parents are dead so this episode is especially great for Catalina development. Catalina becomes very attached to Dram; she sees him as her new father figure especially since Dram looks to Cat as his daughter. Before this episode, I’ve seen Cat as someone who acts older then they are due to a hard past. This episode brought out her child-like aspects especially with her desperate desire to have parental figures to replace her lost parents. Catalina’s biggest development, however, is how she realizes her immaturity towards dreams and her beliefs. In the beginning of the episode, Cat doesn’t understand why THELMA is so surprised at how she never dreams. Cat just doesn’t see why it’s a big deal. In her dream, Catalina couldn’t juggle due to this, but at the end of the episode, Catalina finally understands dreams because of Dram. Another thing that really struck me is the “you don’t need to see it to believe it” message Dram gives Catalina. At the end of the episode when Dram and Catalina are in the engine room, Dram bellows that he sees the monster but Catalina doesn’t. Dram insists it’s there, but Catalina insists it isn’t. Perhaps this is due to her more scientific mind versus Dram’s innocent, believing mind. Dram then leans close to Catalina and encourages, “Look. Let your young eyes see through my old ones. Dream of glory. Dream of life. And dare to fight for both - if you believe in nothing else, believe in that. Fight, Mirabella, fight!” That’s when Catalina sees the “monster” and believes it is really there.

    Also in this episode, we begin to see a small change between Harlan and Catalina’s relationship. (Woot!) Harlan, throughout this episode, mocks Catalina for believing Dram’s drabbles. Usually, Catalina would snap back at him, but this time, instead of sticking up for herself, she sticks up for Dram honestly and believingly, like a child would do for his or hers parents’ ideals. We see Harlan feel confused and guilty for picking on Cat and Dram. Soon, we see him standing by Cat and Dram as he begins to slowly accept Dram and trust Cat. The classic Harlan/Cat moment however, is at the end. Harlan asks Cat if what Dram hinted was true…if Cat really liked him. Catalina glares at Harlan and snaps “In your dreams” and rolls her eyes at him. Then Cat makes a funny, exasperated face as Harlan grins and wanders off back behind her. We see Cat dart her eyes back at him, rocking a little since she knew that was a complete and utter lie and begins to juggle. This moment, I think, was super sweet because we see what the Cat/Harlan relationship is all about. Harlan teases her in goodwill (I think he teased her at the end of this episode to cheer her up), Cat gets defensive, Harlan grins smugly and Cat secretly looks to see if her cover wasn’t blown. You know they love it. :D God I love this episode…

    Acting: I applaud Jewel (Catalina) for her amazing, believable acting in this episode and many other episodes. In the dream sequence when everyone begins to laugh at her, I love how Jewel looked very uncomfortable and hurt in this moment. I can imagine Cat being laughed at in the Staracademy by her peers when she referred to her “invisible friend” Suzee, so this dream probably brought it all back for her. I also loved how she made Catalina so hopelessly confused and baffled at how THELMA and Dram believed dreams were so important. Also, it was really cool to see how Jewel made Cat so frantic and heartbroken after Goddard says gently, “Cat…he’s dying.” We see Jewel’s eyes become misty and her face twisted in terror and sadness. Then when she rushes off to check on Dram and then rushes off again to create a fake monster, Jewel’s voice is shaky and soft and her face twisted in a frantic stress from her shock. I also enjoyed how Walter (Harlan) was utterly baffled, confused and concerned for Catalina while she was in shock. In episodes like “Tie Me Down Kangaroo Court”, we saw how Catalina and Harlan are constantly trying to protect each other like a real couple would do. Also how Catalina was always trying to help Harlan become a better person towards Radu. So I was thrilled how Walter and Jewel played the final scenes out together! As usual, I really enjoyed Anik (THELMA). She does an awesome job at making THELMA kooky in one moment and desperately trying to understand complicated human emotions in another. The other actors and actresses were extremely good as usual too! Rahi (Bova) is getting great at being sarcastic (“I should’ve let him stab me, what was I thinking?!”) and the two adults manage to be strict and motherly/fatherly at the same time. Cary (Davenport) once again shows how Davenport IS the mother figure onboard when her eyes get misty from sympathy for poor heartbroken Cat while Paul (Goddard) breaks the news to Cat in the most honest, caring voice I’ve heard on TV for awhile.

    Writing: The writers do a brilliant job of describing the many emotions Cat and the others go through. I found myself going through the same emotions with the characters and also attach myself to Dram like Cat did. None of the moments went by too fast or too slow, there was a perfect pace to this episode. Also, like many other sci-fi series like ‘Firefly’, ‘Space Cases’ is known for its witty one-liners and other jokes. There were a lot of funny ones to brighten the mood once in awhile. (Goddard: “You’ll smite me?” Harlan: “He smite…or he smite not!”) ‘Space Cases’ first season writers…marry me. Second season writers…go away before I stick my pencil in your eyes.

    All in all: Yes, this is a huge review. I LOVE to talk about ‘Space Cases’…that’s why. This episode was funny, heart-breaking and eye-opening all at once. Whenever anyone asks why I love Catalina and/or ‘Space Cases’ so much, I tell them to watch this episode (or read about it). It’s such a shame that Nick wanted to get rid of all of what made season 1 so great in season 2. Season 2, for me, was a complete disaster which gives me more reason to hate censors, stupid network executives (*cough* Fox executives that got rid of Firefly *cough*) and other people behind the scenes. Thanks for ruining such a great show, Nick. Really. Thanks.


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    • Harlan: Where do you think you're going?
      Catalina: To do something. Maybe we can stage a quest. Create a holographic monster that he can find-
      Harlan: Cat, what is it with you and this crazy old guy?
      Catalina: It's none of your business. Look, he's decent, and proud, and he deserves a lot better than to be called a crazy old guy. He deserves to be a knight, fighting for whatever knights fight for.

    • Goddard: Well, let's check out this data crystal, shall we?
      Thelma: Excellent idea, Pierre! The corn muffins look scrumptious today!
      (Thelma passes out and falls to the floor with a thud)
      Goddard: After we fix Thelma.

    • Dram: Dream of glory, Mirabella. Dream of life. And dare to fight for both. If you believe in nothing else, I say believe in that.

    • Cat: Bova! How could you have hurt him?
      Bova: I should have just let him stab me. What was I thinking?

    • Thelma: The Christa is an excellent judge of character.
      Davenport: And how do you know that?
      Thelma: It let you in.

    • Goddard: You'll "smite" me?
      Harlan: Smite? Or he smite not!

    • Catalina: Don't you see? Dram was--(drops sleeping Commander Goddard) sorry, Commander.

    • Dram: Dream of glory, dream of life, and dare to fight for both! If you believe in nothing else, I say, believe in that!

    • (After mentioning the booby-traps on Dram's vessel, before deciding who's going to get the information cell)
      Thelma: I wonder who should go in after it? (Miss Davenport and Radu stare at Thelma) I wonder why I asked?

    • Catalina: He deserves to live his dream. Not dream his life.

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    • Babylon 5

      Catalina mentions that she is going to play "Minbar chess" with Rosie, a reference to Bill Mumy's role as a Minbari in Babylon 5.