Space Ghost and Dino Boy

CBS (ended 1968)





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  • Young children will enjoy the quality and simplicity. Older fans looking for a trip down memory lane should watch it in doses. Looking for more than just the cartoons? Look elsewhere.

    There are both pros and cons here: If you can appreciate how ahead of it’s time Space Ghost was from a production standpoint, you will certainly enjoy the look back. If you are looking for more than just the cartoons from the sixties, there is not much here. The packaging is colorful but a little skimpy and the two disks in the set are not even marked. As for extras: Only a lengthy, vague, and overly dramatic feature length profile of Artist Alex Toth is included. Mr. Toth obviously was a talented artist who played a significant role in the development of Space Ghost, but how significant is not remotely covered in this long winded documentary.

    The highlight of the set has to be the six-part Space Ghost episode in which our heroes not only face the Council of Doom (An obvious inspiration for the Legion of Doom who would later battle The Super Friends) but also meet up with several other members of the Hanna Barbera stable of cartoon heroes including Mightor, The Herculoids, Moby dick, and Shazan. Only second to that would be the vocal talents of the legendary Gary Owens, Don Messick, Ted Cassidy, and others who are amazing to hear in these classics.

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  • A classic Hanna-Barbera series from the \"golden age\" of Saturday morning superhero cartoons.

    Before he went on to fame and fortune in the world of talk shows/comedy, Space Ghost was the embodiment of the Saturday morning cartoon superhero. He was an uncomplicated good guy who battled against (and always defeated) the forces of evil. He could fly, shoot power beams from his arms, and become invisible, and he had a wonderful, authoritative superhero voice (thanks, Gary Owens).

    The original Space Ghost episodes were short and sweet and lots of fun. Each one would find our heroes (Space Ghost, Jan & Jace, and their sidekick Blip) in a new adventure, fighting to prevent some villain from completing his evil task. Space Ghost was the authoritative father figure we could all look up to, Jan and Jace were the teens we could all relate to, and Blip was the perfect comic relief – cute and funny, but not over-the-top (akin to Bandit on Jonny Quest).

    The animation was quite good for its time, particularly in comparison to most of what came after it (and alongside it, actually) on Saturday mornings. The sound effects were, well, effective, and unmistakably Hanna-Barbera.

    Dino Boy? Well, Dino Boy was just an afterthought for me, quickly forgettable. But Space Ghost was the pinnacle of Saturday morning superhero cartoons.