Space Ghost and Dino Boy

Season 1 Episode 39

The Challenge

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 03, 1966 on CBS



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    • Henchman: Look Zorak! Space Ghost returns!
      Zorak: He has his power bands back! (to Space Ghost) Space Ghost, you gave your word. You were beaten.
      Space Ghost: And you cheated, Zorak. All bets are off.

    • Jace: Space Ghost! Wait!
      Jan: Where are you going?
      Space Ghost: To keep my promise. I was beaten.
      Jan: No you weren't. Look!
      Space Ghost: Power bands!
      Jan: Your real ones.

    • Space Ghost: Here's your super junk pile, Zorak. And now for you.

    • Space Ghost: This is called "Cutting him down to size".

    • Space Ghost: That Titanor packs a real whallop!

    • Jan: But why, Space Ghost?
      Jace: You know you can't trust him.
      Space Ghost: I'll do anything to rid the universe of anyone as evil as Zorak.

    • Zorak: (transmitting) I issue you a challenge.
      Space Ghost: What is it, Zorak?
      Zorak: Defeat my champion, Titanor, and I shall vanish, never to return. But, if Titanor defeats you, you must do the same.
      Space Ghost: I accept that challenge, Zorak.

    • Jan: What a mess.
      Jace: Look! stamped on that piece of metal. Zorak's calling card.
      Jan: He must have gotten away the last time.
      Space Ghost: Yes, and he's back to threaten the peace of the universe.

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