Space Ghost and Dino Boy

Season 2 Episode 6

The Council of Doom, Part Six: The Final Encounter

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 23, 1967 on CBS



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    • Jan: Do you think the Council of Doom got away, Space Ghost?
      (Blip squeaks)
      Jace: Blip says if they did, they certainly wouldn't want to face you again.
      Space Ghost: Well, at least not as long as I have Blip on my side. (everyone laughs)

    • Space Ghost: The Council of Doom's own weapon of destruction was their own undoing.

    • Space Ghost: Quick, let's get out of here! This planet sounds like it's going to explode!

    • Metallus: A gallant fight, Space Ghost. But you have lost and we have won!

    • Metallus: Space Ghost!
      Space Ghost: At last, Council of Doom, we meet face to face. I'm going to put an end to your evil once and for all!

    • Space Ghost: If I'm not mistaken, the Council of Doom should be behind these doors. There's only one way to find out. I'll knock with my battering ram rays.

    • Space Ghost: My heat ray should put a dent in that armor.

    • Creature King: Space Ghost! Somehow he managed to escape the other dimension!
      Metallus: Let him come, for once inside our fortress, his doom will finally be sealed!

    • Jan: Space Ghost!
      Jace: I thought the Council of Doom had finished you!
      Space Ghost: They almost did, Jace. But now it's my turn!

    • Space Ghost: Thank you mighty genie, and thank your small friends.
      Shazzan: But a mere nothing for the great Shazzan.
      Space Ghost: Then tell me, Shazzan, is it possible for you to return me to my own dimension?
      Shazzan: For you, it can be done. (he returns Space Ghost to his dimension)

    • Chuck: Nancy! Look! Somebody is in trouble! We've got to help him. Ring time.
      Chuck and Nancy: (they put their rings together) Shazzan!
      Nancy: Save the stranger from the fire demon!
      Shazzan: A serpent of fire, young masters? An icy wave from the deep seas should douse this demon. (he splashes and destroys the demon) And for the Sultan of Flame, a giant candle snuffer. (a giant candle snuffer appears and traps the Sultan)

    • Sultan: Behold! My terrible fire demon.
      Space Ghost: My freeze ray should cool him off. (he fires at the demon and has no effect)
      Sultan: Your powers are useless against my magic.

    • Space Ghost: What happened? Where am I?
      Sultan: You are in the courtyard of the Sultan of Flame and you have dared to trespass on forbidden ground! For this you shall perish!

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