Space Ghost and Dino Boy

Season 1 Episode 52

The Gargoyloids

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 07, 1967 on CBS
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The Gargoyloids
A planet has drifted into the galaxy and Space Ghost and crew go to investigate to find it populated by Gargoyloids. Can they stop the creatures before they become sacrifices for their idol?

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  • Racism! Losing their religion! And slavery! (read on for more...)

    Okay, there's just a lot of problems with this episode, considering the target audience is children. I could see lots of kids learning bad examples from this one. Onto the problems:

    -Racism: Jace, Jan (and Space Ghost to a lesser extent) are pretty racist against the Gargoyloids in this episode. They suggest that the bat-like creatures are inferior because they look and act differently. (Not such a good lesson to teach kids.)

    -Religion: Together, the heroes destroy a religious icon of the Gargoyloids. Space Ghost himself smugly says it best: "They have lost their faith because I destroyed their idol." (So I guess what they're trying to say is 'destroy religions that are not your own.' Not so good to teach kids.)

    -Violence: Lets see, a bunch of humans beating up a bunch of animals that aren't even smart enough to communicate vocally. "RSPCA? Yea, there's these kids and some 30-year-old in leotards that are kicking the crap out of some puppies." (Kids, will, attack, animals...)

    -Slavery: Yea, apparently the Gargoyloids have enslaved some plants to do their bidding. (Slavery is not cool; even if the slaves are vegetation.)

    -"Let's 'slpode the planet!": Another episode where Space Ghost says "F&&& this! Let's just blow up the planet!" (Kids, don't do this at home; because then we won't have a home.)

    -Alien invaders: In just 6 minutes, the good guys (let's call them 'aliens') find a planet, beat up the locals, obliterate their faith, and destroy the planet (killing all the plants in the process). (.... well, I guess if that's what you want to teach kids.)

    -Blip: And of course, I hate that freakin' monkey! He is always the biggest friggin' problem with this show! He sounds like a dog chew toy was recorded and chirps about fifty times an episode! (I like monkeys) BUT I HATE THIS FREAKIN' MONKEY!!!

    :. I think episodes should only feature villains and their henchmen, not a harmless race of aliens that have their society torn apart by Space Ghost and his Nazi-children.

    Screw Flanders! Screw Flanders!moreless

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    • Jace: That's the end of their drifting planet.
      Jan: Look at them go!
      Space Ghost: Yes, they must think that their idol has deserted them. Let's hope the poor creatures find a new home somewhere.
      Jace: Yeah, preferably outside our galaxy.
      Jan: You can say that again.

    • Space Ghost: I don't want to be too rough on these creatures, just enough to break them of that sacrifice habit.

    • Jan: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Jace: I'm afraid to ask what you're thinking.

    • (a gargoyloid drops a log down the chute directly in front of the tied up Space Ghost and it falls into the lava below)
      Space Ghost: That was the test run. Guess I'm slated to be the real sacrifice.

    • Jace: Now what?
      Space Ghost: Looks as if though they are planning a few surprises for us. (strains to reach his power bands) If only I could reach my power band, I could give them a few surprises of my own.

    • Jan: Gosh, Space Ghost. What's that stone figure?
      Space Ghost: Probably the idol these Gargoyloids worship, Jan.
      Jace: Wow! They can have their nightmares night and day. What a monster!

    • Jace: There it is, Space Ghost.
      Jan: How awful. Is that our objective?
      Space Ghost: Yes, that's our unidentified objective. We're going down for a look.

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