Space Ghost and Dino Boy

Season 1 Episode 52

The Gargoyloids

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 07, 1967 on CBS

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  • Racism! Losing their religion! And slavery! (read on for more...)

    Okay, there's just a lot of problems with this episode, considering the target audience is children. I could see lots of kids learning bad examples from this one. Onto the problems:

    -Racism: Jace, Jan (and Space Ghost to a lesser extent) are pretty racist against the Gargoyloids in this episode. They suggest that the bat-like creatures are inferior because they look and act differently. (Not such a good lesson to teach kids.)

    -Religion: Together, the heroes destroy a religious icon of the Gargoyloids. Space Ghost himself smugly says it best: "They have lost their faith because I destroyed their idol." (So I guess what they're trying to say is 'destroy religions that are not your own.' Not so good to teach kids.)

    -Violence: Lets see, a bunch of humans beating up a bunch of animals that aren't even smart enough to communicate vocally. "RSPCA? Yea, there's these kids and some 30-year-old in leotards that are kicking the crap out of some puppies." (Kids, will, attack, animals...)

    -Slavery: Yea, apparently the Gargoyloids have enslaved some plants to do their bidding. (Slavery is not cool; even if the slaves are vegetation.)

    -"Let's 'slpode the planet!": Another episode where Space Ghost says "F&&& this! Let's just blow up the planet!" (Kids, don't do this at home; because then we won't have a home.)

    -Alien invaders: In just 6 minutes, the good guys (let's call them 'aliens') find a planet, beat up the locals, obliterate their faith, and destroy the planet (killing all the plants in the process). (.... well, I guess if that's what you want to teach kids.)

    -Blip: And of course, I hate that freakin' monkey! He is always the biggest friggin' problem with this show! He sounds like a dog chew toy was recorded and chirps about fifty times an episode! (I like monkeys) BUT I HATE THIS FREAKIN' MONKEY!!!

    :. I think episodes should only feature villains and their henchmen, not a harmless race of aliens that have their society torn apart by Space Ghost and his Nazi-children.

    Screw Flanders! Screw Flanders!