Space Ghost and Dino Boy

Season 1 Episode 49

The Ovens Of Moltar

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 31, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

On the molten planet, Moltor is gloating to himself about how his genius is going to create an army of molten men. Moltor flips a switch and liquid hot magma lava starts pouring through a machine and into molds on a conveyor belt. Moltor flips a second switch and the lava-filled molds are injected with energy. The molds are removed, to reveal molten men made of magma! Moltor approaches the first molten man and explains that he, Moltor, is in charge. Moltor wants the molten man to fly a molten rocketship into space, and if he comes back alive then Moltor will go conquer the universe with his molten slaves. The ship flies off, and the molten man is all right, so Moltor gloats.

Jace and Jan fly arrive in their ship, and the molten ship attacks them. Jan panics so Jace lands behind some rocks. The molten ship lands, looking for them. Jan panics when she sees the man made of molten, so Jace decides to call Space Ghost. Jan realizes they've been spotted, so they fly away with jetpacks as the molten man attacks them with laser vision.

Space Ghost answers his phone, but Jace is gone. Worried, Space Ghost flies off in his spaceship.

Moltor is gloating as he watches the monitor, while his molten ship is trying to run down the jetpack kids, or just shoot them. Jace and Jan hit their belt and turn invisible.

Space Ghost arrives, having left his spaceship somewhere, and flying. Moltor, eager to test out his space army of molten ships with molten men sends them all to destroy Space Ghost. Space Ghost is being shot from the back, so he stops flying and throws up a forcefield. Space Ghost shoots energy rays from his fists, which disintegrate the molten fleet. Moltor claims to have 'a lot' of molten men/ships, and starts hitting a button.

Jace and Jan notice some machinery on a conveyer belt heading inside Moltor's factory, and they follow it to sneak into Moltor's lair. Moltor flips another switch and traps the two children in a cage. Moltor flips another switch to watch Space Ghost battling the molten ships. Space Ghost flies into lava, trapping some ships. Moltor thinks Space Ghost is dead, so he decides to kill the children.

Space Ghost arrives through a solid-rock wall, explaining he's fine. Moltor hits another lever and traps Jace, Jan, and Space Ghost in an over cake-tray. The cake-tray starts cooking the three protagonists. Space Ghost gets upset and blows a giant explosion out of the lair. Together, Jace, Jan, and Space Ghost fly away. A second explosion follows out of the lair. Then Moltor's planet explodes.

Space Ghost explains that he destroyed the entire planet 'by accident' when he was saving everyone from the oversized cake-tray. Jan seems pretty confident that destroying the molten planet has definitely killed Moltor, but Space Ghost isn't so optimistic. The three characters fly away with jetpacks, because both the kids' and Space Ghost's spaceships were destroyed with the planet.