Space Ghost and Dino Boy

Season 1 Episode 24

The Schemer

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 29, 1966 on CBS



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    • Schemer: Not even you can stand up to my destroyer monster. (to robot) Seize him and hold him!
      Space Ghost: No thanks. (grabs Schemer and throws him at robot) Why don't you try it.

    • Schemer: That's finally the end of Space Ghost and his friends.
      (Space Ghost bursts into The Schemer's control room)
      Space Ghost: No, Schemer. This is the beginning of your end.

    • Space Ghost: A thug like you couldn't think of anything pleasant.
      Schemer: Oh but I can, Space Ghost. I can think of how you've thwarted my plans for the last time.

    • Space Ghost: (barely avoids being hit by ray) Wow! That cruiser's armed with a megaton ray! Can't fool around, I'll have to knock it out in a hurry with my energy force.

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