Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1996 on Cartoon Network
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Zorak copies Space Ghost, and he fires Moltar and Zorak. Space Ghost introduces the "Mo 2000 PC", and I believe Zorak and Moltar are supposed to be janitors. Space Ghost has a big wart. Zorak says, "I am on a seafood diet. I see food, and I hate Space Ghost!" There is a mime for a guest. Zorak asks Moltar to take off his helmet, and when he does people scream. Space Ghost argues with "Mo 2000", and Ultraman is shown. While Zorak and Moltar bark, Space Ghost argues with a guest. Finally Zorak and Moltar come back to the show. "Mo 2000" fires Space Ghost and shuts off the air. When Zorak turns blue, Space ghost blasts "Mo 2000", which causes a space time warp.moreless

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  • Space Ghost at his best.

    This episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast was again one of the best ever. It was so funny how Space Ghost fired Moltar and Zorak and hired that computer. Now, this was one of those 20 minutes episodes that I really like alot because there is more Space Ghost. This episode was made when Space Ghost was right in his prime when every episode was a good one, just like this one. I do not really know who all of the guests were in this one, but it was still one of the best episodes of all time. It definately is a must see episode.moreless
  • This pathetic send up of Mystery Science theater 3000 is 30 minutes of complete nonsense.

    The 1995 season of SG had alot of akward moments, although this episode aired in 1996, it's not part of season 3. The original air date for this episode which was supposed to be the season finale was: October 27,1995. But on August 13,1995 a writer's strike ended the season early and so "Explode" and "$20.01" were pushed back.

    This satire of MS 3000 is completely stupid, pointless and unfunny, SG's idea to hire an old computer in place of Zorak and Moltar is a no brainer. The old dubbing was terrible so were the one liners of Zorak were both lame,infantile and mundane.

    Even if you a fan of MS 3000, this episode is an insult to it. Fans should bascially stick with Comedy Central's long running series and avoid this while SG fans should change the channel when this mess comes on.

    What I can't believe is that this piece of crap is a half hour long! When most SG episodes are only 15 minutes long, this is 30 minutes of time wasted.

    The worst SGCC episode ever. Even worse than "Storybook" and "Fire Drill".moreless

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    • Space Ghost: MOE! Where were you? Did you see that, I was dying in there!
      MOE 2000: I fully functioned according to my programming, Tad.
      Space Ghost: No! You're supposed to help me out! Prompt the guest, make them feel comfortable, laugh at my jokes.
      MOE 2000: You didn't make any jokes, Tad. (Trumpet: Wah Wah Wah Waaaaaaaah)

    • Zorak: Eh, sometimes, I feel like I was executed for my crimes against the universe, and this talk show is my eternal torment. (groans)
      Moltar: Sometimes I think elves are following me.

    • Space Ghost: How about doing a trick for us, O mystic one?
      Penn Jillette: (pause) Now?
      Space Ghost: No, Bastille Day.

    • Space Ghost: Listen, Zorak, don't even try to get my goat tonight, because it won't work!
      Zorak: I don't want your filthy goat, so there!

    • (to MOE 2000)
      Space Ghost: Oh really, smarty pants? Well, I like Robinson better. It has a nicer sound to it than "Joel Hog-son".

    • Zorak: I'm on a seafood diet. When I see food, I hate Space Ghost!

  • NOTES (3)

    • -The Movie that Joel and Space Ghost watch is an episode from an old 1960's Japanese T.V. show called "Ultra 7"

      -On the Volume 2 DVD, the Ultra 7 clip that Space Ghost makes fun of is different than the one that originally aired (It was changed probably due to conflicts in securing the rights to the actual film, also at the time the episode aired Turner had licensed the syndication rights to air the show on TBS, but the rights expired a few years later.) Instead, the footage of the "Ultra 7" clip has been replaced with a short film that was shot by editor Jay Edwards.

      Additional Note: on the DVD commentary when the episode gets to the movie clip, it gets gets interrupted for several seconds by another commentary by Matt Maiellaro and Jay Edwards explaining why they replaced the clip.

    • MOE 3000 was credited as "technical advisor", the MOE 3000 is the computer that tried to replace Zorak, Moltar, and Space Ghost in that episode.

    • This is Joel Hodgson's, second and last SGC2C credit. He also wrote the episode "Urges". Hodgson was fired during the writer's strike of '95.


    • :
      Both Joel Hodgson and Penn & Teller are connected with Comedy Central in some way -- Penn (with the occasional help of Teller) did Comedy Central promos and voiceovers for most of the 1990s, and Joel's biggest claim to fame was being the co-creator and first host of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which was a CC fixture during the same time period.