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Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Sep 10, 1994 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Space Ghost gives one of his pet sea monkeys, Banjo, some of his special super-vitamins, but Banjo soon becomes giant and his powers spread out of control. Tad, meanwhile, tries to interview Weird Al Yankovic and Scooly D without faling under the hypnotic spells of Zorak, who tries to get him to do something stupid, eventually, Space Ghost defeats Zorak, but also must kill Banjo as he violently turns against himmoreless

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  • Space Ghost at his finest.

    This episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast is possibly the best episode of all time. It was so funny and it had the best guest stars of all time with Schooly D and Weird Al Yankovic, who both did a wonderful job in this episode. Space Ghost was also really funny in this episode with his sea monkey and the fight he had with it at the end of the episode. This is when Space Ghost was in its prime and nearly all of the episodes were good ones. This is a definate must see for any fan of Space Ghost.moreless
  • Unreal. Could this episode get any better?

    Wow. Wow. Wow. What else could I possibly say about "Banjo"? Maybe..."Why Banjo! Banjo! Banjo! Banjooooo!". This episode is pure space ghost comedy to it's highest degree. I honestly can not think of a negative part of this episode. The guest stars were amazing and the actually plot of the episode, involving the sea monkey, turned shrimp, banjo, was fantastic! This episode marked the turning in space ghost coast to coast history in which space ghost finally got credit and respect from me as a talk show host. Schooly D and Weird Al were wonderful stars to be interviewing, packed with great dialouge and funny memorable quotes that will go down in space ghost coast to coast history.moreless
  • Classic, total classic.

    "Why do we always hurt the ones we love? Why Banjo Why? Banjo, Banjo, BANJOOOO!" That is my favorite quote said in this episode. And I think it is funny when Zorak tries to hypnotize Space Ghost. And Schooly made something ryhme. "Whenever I sing about flowers, I lose some of my powers"

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    • Schooly D: (laughs) These are baggy jeans, you buy them three sizes bigger so they can hang off your butt.
      Space Ghost: (still hypnotized) Yeah, I saw a yard gnome once. It didn't scare me.

    • Zorak: (eyes swirl hypnotically) Lombakee-cree-oh-ploma-plee-ozona-ah-ah.
      Space Ghost: (babbles as his brain is controlled)
      Zorak: Say something stupid.
      Space Ghost: (stops babbling) Wanna watch me swallow a live mollusk?

    • Space Ghost: Why do we always hurt the ones we love? Why Banjo? Why?! Banjo! Banjo! Banjooooo!
      Floor Director: Okay, that's a wrap! Break it down boys! Somebody get a hose!
      Space Ghost: Don't you dare!
      Moltar: Space Ghost.
      Space Ghost: What?
      Moltar: Are you gonna eat that?
      Space Ghost: (sullen) That's a sick joke, Moltar, even for you. I thought you guys were my friends. I have to get out of here. (leaves)
      Moltar: (crunch!) Mmmmmmmm! Barbecued shrimp!

    • Space Ghost: Schooly... Schooly...
      Schooly D: Yeah, man?
      Space Ghost: Are you interested in frolicking in a leafy glade?

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