Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Sep 30, 1994 on Cartoon Network
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When Moltar is kidnapped by the mysterious Your Mother, Space Ghost reluctantly recruits the help of Zorak, who dresses up as the super "hero" Batmantis, to rescue him.

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  • Wow, this episode was much different from the usual batman parodies.

    Well now, what could be said about this totally accurate impression of batman? Basically, it's nice seeing Zorak doing something kind for a change, by looking for Moltat, but it just doesn't seem right. Other than that, I thought that the storyline was great, and the characters all flowed in that super hero type of way. Batman parodies are pretty common in cartoons and other shows as well, but naturally, I'd have to give most credit to this show, seeing as the real life batman was actually a guest. Don't see that on every show. This show always goes the extra mile, and this episode proved just that. Adam West is a common character portrayed in many cartoons, but he was funny in this cartoon. I wasn't to crazy about the other two guests, they got pretty annoying after a while. Either way, when it comes to themed episodes, batmantis totally beats the gilligan episode, now that was sad.moreless
  • Zorak does something good for someone else! No, really!

    It's not like Zorak to lift a segment to help another person. Or bug. Or superhero.

    This time, however, things are different.

    Space Ghost is worried about the usual show production routine. He's supposed to welcome no fewer than three stars from the classic 'Batman' series: Lee Meriwether, who played Lisa Carson; Eartha Kitt, Catwoman; and Adam West, the Man of Bat himself.

    Ordinarily this would be an occasion for great joy. Then, unfortunately, Moltar is kidnapped by the bad thing known only as... Your Mother.

    How to set free his friend and producer? Space Ghost, who is a superhero, now needs the help of a superhero himself.

    He is forced to call on the secretive figure who answers to a signal in the night sky.

    No, not the talented one.


    Zorak, in a bright red and blue jumpsuit with a snappy cape, springs into action. Literally. He actually goes 'Poinnnng' when he jumps. I'm not sure if that counts as a superpower.

    Don't worry, though. I don't think it's too long before he goes back to being the treacherous rascal we all know and don't love.

    Wouldn't do for the public to know a hero's secret, after all...moreless

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    • Narrator: Will Space Ghost surrender his power bands and save Moltar from Your Mother? Will Adam West come to his aid or will he wimp out? Will every word Batmantis says be followed by that suspenseful sting music? What will happen next? Why is the sky blue? What is the legend of the yeti? Do you know the muffin man? Stay tuned to find out!

    • Narrator: Meanwhile, at the bandstand, a hideous mutation rears its ugly head... So hideous, that it must be censored.

    • Your Mother: Eat your peas.
      Space Ghost: No!
      Your Mother: Clean your room!
      Space Ghost: Uh Uh! (Thinking)Hey, this thing in the monitor is not my mother.... My room was always clean.

    • Zorak: Holy stolen lava, Space Ghost, Moltar's been kidnapped!
      Space Ghost: Right you are, my little green friend. An evil ploy by Your Mother.
      Zorak: Your mother.
      Space Ghost: No, not my mom, somebody else's mom. Someone's sick and deranged mom.
      Zorak: Oh.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Space Ghost asking if Zorak was going to the Control Room to get butter and cheese is a reference to the episode "Spanish Translation".


    • In this episode, the evil entity's name, Your Mother, is a comic play on words. The ship's on-board computer in the movie Alien was named Mother.

    • Space Ghost: Oh look! Shoot a ray, and you get a word.

      A reference to the old 1960s Batman TV series starring Adam West, where during fight scenes there would be word balloons featuring sound effects like "BAM!" and "POW!" whenever someone got hit.