Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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Space Ghost angers the creators of an intellegence enhancement drug when he begins to endorse it on his show.

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  • Another wonderful episode.

    This was another great episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. I thought that it was a good episode with a good plot and including the Brains in it was pretty cool. Space Ghost was his usual self asking questions to Bob. I thought the funniest part was when Bob was talking about being in Greenbay in December and Space Ghost responded saying "Everybody knows Greenbay is not in December", It was priceless. This is a great episode with a lot of funny parts, the ending was also funny when Space Ghost was teaching some sort of a class and talking about shampoo to them all.moreless
  • Thou shalt not use shampoo

    Greetings Space Ghost fans and Bob Costas fans, and how about you Zorak fans? In this juicy little episode we have all 3 of the aforementioned individuals participating, not to mention Moltar ( wait whoose Moltar?, oh yeah that guy )

    anyway...stuff happened,there were some brains and ohh yeah Shampoo. Hey kids dont forget to rinse and repeat. Which brings me to a clever point, you won't want to rinse or repeat this episode. I've seen better looking brains on a skeleton for goodness sake. But seriously I believe this episode tried to teach us the dangers of shampoo and state the fact that most big companies behind commercial products are greedy selfish liars and will say anything to get you to buy their products, including false statements like using our shampoo will increase your intellect. Now if you were to buy this shampoo with the expectation that it will do such a thing, your probably beyond help. Which is exactly why Space Ghost was using it. The quotes and awkward yet humourous moments of silence between SG and Costas offer a slight giggle here and there. watchging SG toast Zorak once more is slightly satisfying.Altogether the show was simply a mild distraction from the everyday monotony. Who knows,maybe you'll think twice next time before using shampoo?moreless
  • Season sixth's opener has a alot of subtle that make it different from the previous seasons.

    Space Ghost Coast to Coast begin it's 6th season late. THe last time a episode aired was on Christmas 1998, the season finale "Baffler Meal" (The earlier concept of Aqua Teen) was set to air on February 26,1999 but before it could a writer's strike occured and caused the season to pushed back to October while "Baffler Meal did not air until January 1,2003.

    Chambrainge is the story of SG getting way too carried away in his shampoo use becomes addicted to to product, which is supposed to make you smarter but for some reason it's make Space Ghost more stupider and more ignorant then he already is despite the limb loss side effect which causes his right arm to fall off you'll clearly see SG ranbling off mindless ancedotes and sour grapes, while Zorak is clearly the smarter one and manages to have a decent conversation with Bob Costas.moreless

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    • Space Ghost: Now Bob I have one more final question. Do you have the freedom to wear comfortable open toed shoes?
      Bob Costas: I could yes. Actually, though it's not advisable when doing a football game in Green Bay December to wear sandals.
      Space Ghost: Bob, everyone knows Green Bay is not in December. You obviously don't shampoo!

    • Carl: If you had a neck and I had hands, I would squeeze your brain which is your body right out of the top of your head which does not exist.

    • Bob Costas: How much hair do you have, Space Ghost?
      Space Ghost: Oh, I don't know. Nine. Nine fat stalks!
      Bob Costas: Well, why, Space Ghost, if you weren't concerned about your own dome, why would you be so concerned and perhaps envious of those who have a full head of hair?
      Space Ghost: Right.

    • Space Ghost: Okay, now i have one more final question for you.
      Bob Costas: Oh, I thought that was the final question.
      Space Ghost: Who told you that?
      Bob Costas: Okay, what is it?
      Space Ghost: That was it.

    • Space Ghost: Do you know why I did this Bob?
      Bob Costa: Why's that?
      Space Ghost: To prove a point. A point which, escapes me right now. I have to go stick my head in the lake.

    • Space Ghost: I am now making my head thousands of degrees hotter than it's supposed to be. My arms are telling me to put my head out, I'm just going to ignore that.

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