Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 5 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Sep 11, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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This one starts out with the credits running early. There is a dog for a director, and Zorak plays the organ bag. Space Ghost blasts him. Moltar is at the ballpark, and there is talk about "ra for Re" (The Sun God?), and a guy named Roger is mentioned. Space Ghost interrupts Tyra because Zorak messed up the note cards. Zorak sings a crime song, and talks about hot chicks. We then find out that Moltar is at a foreign ballgame. The dog is in the ship, where there is loud music. They take the dog and trade for Moltar, and the crowd hoorays.moreless

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      • Rebecca Romijn: Well, you know, sometimes when I'm walking on the runway, all I'm wearing are underpants.

      • Space Ghost: So, you're workin' it with John Stamos?
        Tyra Banks: No! That's not me - that's your next guest!
        Space Ghost: It says right here, (holds up note card) 'Ask Tyra about John Stamos.'
        Tyra Banks: "Ask Tyra about John Stamos?" No, he's my good friend's fiance and that's all I know.
        Space Ghost: (thinking to himself) My note cards have been de-sequence-ified.

      • Tyra Banks: Hello universe, my name is Tyra Banks.
        Space Ghost: Tyra. Ty-RA. Ra - that's the Egyptian Sun God. I guess that makes you Egyptian!
        Tyra Banks: Actually, I'm-
        Space Ghost: (interrupting) Here's something about your culture you probably don't know - Ra is short for Roger.
        Tyra Banks: I think it's-
        Space Ghost: (interrupting) Ra is also a sports term, which translated roughly, means 'cheers.' Did you ever watch that show? It was pretty good.

      • Space Ghost: This dog, who they said couldn't direct, is gonna take this show, which they said couldn't be done, and turn it into a show that's never been done before! Go get Tyra! Gog get Tyra! That's a good boy!

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      • Space Ghost trades Moltar to a Chinese baseball team for Mookie Wilson, Omar Moreno, and a bag of cats.

        Mookie Wilson was a baseball player famous for being the hitter who hit the ball that went through Bill Buckner's legs.

        Omar Mareno was a leadoff man for the 1979 World Champion Pirates.

      • The title is a reference to the Roman Polanski movie from 1974, "Chinatown." At the end of the episode Space Ghost says to Moltar: "Forget it Moltar, it's Chinatown!" In the movie, Walsh says the same thing to Jake: "Forget it Jake, its Chinatown!"