Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Dec 11, 1996 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The episode was banned in Great Britain, due to the graphic scene of Martin Yan "dissecting" a chicken.

  • Quotes

    • Space Ghost: (about to shoot Tansut) Well, Tansut, looks like you've jumped out of the frying pan and into the-
      Tansut: Wait. Wait. No. No. Metallus. Do him first.
      (Metallis hits table)
      Tansut: M comes before T. M comes before T.
      Space Ghost: Well, Metallus, looks like you've jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.
      (Space Ghost shoots Metallus)
      Space Ghost: Tansut!
      Tansut: Okay, Now I'm ready.
      (Space Ghost shoots Tansut)

    • Martin Yan: Space Ghost, are you impressed?
      Space Ghost: You killed a chicken.
      Martin Yan: No, I didn't. I just dissected. The word "Kill" is not appropriate.

    • Space Ghost: So, who do you think is going to win our little cooking contest?
      Martin Yan: You know, Emeril is a good friend of mine, and he's a master chef, and I'm quite sure he'll win.
      Zorak: Ten bucks on Emeril.
      Martin Yan: And also is better-looking than me, so I better let him win.
      Zorak: A hundred bucks on Urkel-! Uh, Emeril.
      Space Ghost: Well then, are you ready to cook and lose?
      Martin Yan:Let's cook and maybe feed this ghost.
      (Long pause)
      Space Ghost: Alrighty.

    • Space Ghost: You're pretty crazy, you know that?
      Martin Yan: I am crazy. That's what my mother told me. I believe it.
      Space Ghost: As well you should, my boy, as well you should.

    • Space Ghost: So, citizen Yan, are you getting enough oxygen?
      Martin Yan: I have plenty of oxygen, but I want extra oxygen. I drink soy sauce during fermentation so I get more oxygen. That's how I derive most of my additional oxygen.
      Space Ghost: Cuckoo nutty. So do you have any superpowers besides soy-sauce drinking? I work out in the kitchen, and I'm powerful enough. But for additional power: (picks up a cooking knife) This is additional power.

    • Space Ghost: Cook, or be cooked!

    • (done eating Emeril's food)
      Space Ghost: (long burp) Man. I undid my belt three notches and I still feel like a ten pounds of potatoes in a three pound sack.
      Moltar: Hey wide load, we're back.

    • Emeril Lagasse: I'm trying to kick you up a notch.
      Space Ghost: Consider me kicked!

    • Emeril Lagasse: That's my dish for you, Space Ghost. It's the kicked-up duck tacos.
      Space Ghost: Now, you would smother that in cheese sauce, right?
      Emeril Lagasse: That's entirely up to you Space Ghost.
      Space Ghost: Gravy?
      Emeril Lagasse: I wouldn't recommend gravy on this dish.
      Space Ghost: 'Nilla pudding?
      Emeril Lagasse: No pudding.
      Space Ghost: No ketchup?
      Emeril Lagasse: No ketchup.
      Space Ghost: Tartar sauce.
      Emeril Lagasse: You've gotta get out of that habit, Space Ghost.

    • Emeril Lagasse: We're gonna have to give it a little bam! Just like that.
      (Space Ghost takes aim)
      Emeril Lagasse: Don't get frightened.
      Space Ghost: Sorry, dynamic reflexes.

    • (cooking)
      Emeril Lagasse: We're gonna do some kicked-up salsa.
      Zorak: Kick it. Kick it in the head!

    • Space Ghost: Uh, what are you putting on the tortillas?
      Emeril Lagasse: This is the essense of Emeril right there. (sprinkles food) And these are little baby bams, see? (high pitched voice) Bam! Bam! Bam!
      Space Ghost: Bam?
      Zorak: Bam?
      Emeril Lagasse: Little baby bams.

    • Space Ghost: What are you going to cook with today? Besides your hands, I mean.
      Emeril Lagasee: Duck. But not only is it, like, just duck, Space Ghost. It's duck confit, which means it's been, like, smothered in fat.
      Space Ghost: I'm in carbohydrate heaven!

    • Zorak: Say, do you know Chef Boyardee?
      Emeril Lagasse: Uh, we've never met. We never met. I'd like to meet him someday though.

    • Space: Have you ever cooked a giant, evil, praying mantis?
      Emeril Lagasse: Oh, listen, we do food from love. Food of love. So evil is not allowed in the kitchen.
      Zorak: Have you ever cooked a human out of love?
      Emeril Lagasse: I haven't tried any humans yet.

    • Space Ghost: So how did you become a chef of the future?
      Emeril Lagasse: I started cooking and liked it, and did more of it and liked it. One day I got up and I really loved it.
      Space Ghost: No way! It can't be that easy.
      Emeril Lagasse: You better believe it.
      Space Ghost: Well, I don't believe it.
      (long pause)
      Emeril Lagasse: Okay.

    • Space Ghost: Greetings, citizen, how are you today?
      Emeril Lagasse: I'm doing unbelievable.
      Space Ghost: I believe you.

    • Brak: Somebody, I wanna eat!
      Space Ghost: Grab some crackers. That's what the machine's for.

    • Space: Tonight we got three of TV land's favorite chefs in the kitchen with Space Ghost for a little cooking competition. Here to help us judge the contest, our very own Council of Doom.
      Space Ghost: Lokar!
      Lokar: Hi.
      Space Ghost: Metallus!
      Metallus: (Mumbling)
      Space Ghost: Black Widow!
      Black Widow: Oooooh!
      Space Ghost: Tansut!
      Tansut: Just me.
      Space Ghost: And Brak!
      Brak: I got... I got pinkeye.

    • ALL: Relax the chicken!?!

    • Space Ghost: Well, you know what they say, if you can't stand the guest, blast her out of the kitchen!
      Zorak: Liar! Nobody says that!

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