Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 6 Episode 5

Curling Flower Space

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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Curling Flower Space
After abruptly finishing an interview with Jerry Springer, Space Ghost admits he is preoccupied with the events of last week's show, which he claims involved him "totally doing sex" with guest Sara Jessica Parker. Then things get all Rashomon on us and we hear Space Ghost, Zorak and Moltar's interpretations of what happened during last week's show as told to the unwitting Jerry. Just like Rashomon, events are all over the place, from smart-ass ceiling tiles to 70's supergroup Boston to KITT the talking car paying a visit to Moltar. And, just like Rashomon, the episode ends with lots of verbose philosophizing in which Space Ghost concludes that he did indeed totally do sex with Sara Jessica Parker.moreless

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  • This Episode broke new ground when it aired way back on November 19,1999, not only did they get away with saying the word "SEX" but this episode is also the granddaddy of Swim's humor and actaully gave birth to Swim.moreless

    It's al about Space Ghost, telling his tale of defeating C. Ling and doing with "Sex in the City" star Sarah Jessica Paker. Jerry Springfield hears 3 different versions of the story. First. SG tells the story about a smart ass celing tile who beats hime up by spraying hime with Tap water, and then freezes him with the AC along with blowing abestos on him, SG defeats C. Ling by destroying him with a energy ball he conjurs up by calling out prescription side effects. Next. Zorak's exicting trip with "Boston" band spaceship. And then Moltar's pretentious fables of meeting a talking car and "Michael Myers".

    The episode is clever, well written and a classic. You should catch it!!!!!!!moreless

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    • Sarah Jessica Parker: Did you create the show?
      Space Ghost: By create, you mean write, produce, direct and star in?
      Sarah Jessica Parker: Yeah.
      Space Ghost: Then, yes. I created it... for you.
      Space Ghost (whispering): For Christmas!
      Sarah Jessica Parker: In my wildest fantasies, I never imagined that I would really be invited to be on your show.
      Space Ghost: Mmmmmmmm... WILD fantasies.
      Sarah Jessica Parker: You have a... I don't know, something about you.
      Space Ghost: Would you like to have some of my... sex? With me?

    • (In dream sequence. A ceiling tile has just fallen on Space Ghost's head.)
      Zorak (narrating): And then he started crying for his mama.
      Space Ghost: Wahhhh!!! I want my mama!
      (Dream sequence ends.)
      Space Ghost: I wasn't crying mama, I was crying trauma. Like the kind I was about to dish out.

    • (Space Ghost is threatening Zorak)
      Jerry Springer: Whoa!
      Space Ghost: Whoa- is what America's going to be saying when I spin his head off so fast it'll TRAVEL BACK IN TIME!
      Zorak: Blah blah blah blah.
      Space Ghost: Oh, you WANT the time-travel spinning head!

    • Moltar: And we're clear.
      Space Ghost: Well, that wasn't very good.
      Jerry Springer: I'm sorry.
      Space Ghost: Oh, no, it's all right, really. You're just not very good.

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