Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Oct 14, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • This is another great episode.

    This episode of Space Ghost was pretty good. Space Ghost was very funny in this episode. I think that the producers of this episode thought that Busta Rhymes was going to be the funniest part of this episode, but I thought he kind of took some away, he was acting really stupid. It was so funny when Moltar and Space Ghost said they wanted to build something and then seven hours later it was a piece of wood with an extension cord taped to it. It was pretty funny when Zorak, Moltar and Space Ghost all went to the super market, but I don't want to give anything away.
  • Space Ghost, Busta Rhymes, Moltar, and Zorak all get high off of natural gas. Absurd randomness and hilarity ensues.

    This entire episode is basically a drug trip. A good drug trip though, not the talking hot dog kind of drug trip. One second they're at a hospital (which is actually just a supermarket) the next they're back in the studio and Zorak is stuck in the heating vent speaking gibberish.

    Anyway, Space Ghost is a little preoccupied with all the brilliant ideas he keeps coming up with. Turns out there's a gas leak in the studio and the natural gas is giving him all these brilliant ideas. So he takes his wrench and breaks all of the gas pipes in the studio for more good ideas.

    Busta Rhymes is the guest star (hence the episode title, "Flipmode") but he doesn't do much because half of the time everyone's high on natural gas. He basically just spends most of the episode laughing uncontrollably. Oh and Space Ghost hits Zorak with a wrench. Yeah, this episode's really, REALLY messed up. The first time you watch it it's not that funny, but the second time around it's a LAUGH RIOT. At one point they all go outside and do the show in the woods only to go back inside the studio seconds later. You don't need to watch this episode baked, but it'd probably make it a hell of a lot more entertaining.