Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Jul 25, 1997 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Zorak claims that Moltar was never blasted by Space Ghost along the series. However, Moltar was already blasted by Space Ghost in the episode "Elevator" as well as in the episode "Lovesick"

  • Quotes

    • Space Ghost (to David Cross and Baa Bodenkirk): So now, which of you is the straight man, and which of you is the wacky sidekick?
      David Cross: Uh, he's straight, and I'm gay. Wait! What did you ask?

    • Space Ghost: Is that it? Those are measly little sissy powers! I save entire planets.

    • Space Ghost (about Space Time Quiz Fun 9000): I ask you a question, but be careful. If you get it wrong, you get blasted. If you get it right... you get blasted.

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