Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Mar 31, 1995 on Cartoon Network
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The Ghost Planet gang are hungry. They order a pizza but it gets delivered to the wrong address. Zorak's nephew Raymond is visiting the studio. Michael Stipe offers to take the guys to dinner, but Zorak eats Raymond instead.

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  • One of the best.

    I really liked this episode of Space Ghost, it was really, really good. I thought it was funny and it was entertaining as well. They just don't make shows like this anymore. I thought that Zorak's nephew Raymond was funny also. The pizza guys were pretty cool to, the one was talking to Moltar and he asked them to send a pizza up to space and that he could make in 20 seconds. If you are a big fan of the show, you must see this episode. The tribute to Raymond near the end so so funny, you are going to laugh out loud so much.moreless
  • This is one of those episodes that you either love it or you hate it, and I happen to love this episode!

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes of the entire series! I say that because nearly a decade after it first aired I still quote it all the time! "Greetings, pizza merchant!" may not have been one of my finer moments while working in a pizzeria, but it gave the customers that were "in the know" a giggle!

    This is one of those episodes that I've noticed people either absolutely love it or they despise it, and that's because it is such a silly episode! The inclusion of Zorak's cute little nephew Raymond and the devourment of Raymond shortly thereafter is great, because then we get a fun retrospective on life with Raymond that shows Space Ghost hanging out with Raymond all over the place, even though he supposedly met him only today. The dialogue, as always, was very sharp and well-written, with many great quotes sprinkled throughout the episode. Space Ghost hallucinating about his old teacher and Moltar arguing with the pizza guys is brilliant! One thing I've noticed about this episode that not a lot of people like is that the guests stars weren't that great. Really: Lassie? What were they expecting to come of that? Michael Stipe was definately the best guest star, but only because his competition was Lassie and the two Indian guys that occassionally appear on "The Late Show with David Letterman". Most people that watched this episode didn't even know who those guys are, because there are so many people who have commented on this episode that have asked, "What was the deal with the guys that kept yelling, 'Hi, Dave!'?"

    The only fault of this episode is the choice of guest stars, but the dialogue and wit of this episode well out-weigh that! It's still my favorite episode!moreless

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    • Sal: Look, for the last time, Iron Man, I can't send you a raw pizza!
      Moltar: Just send me the dough; I can cook it in twenty seconds!
      Sal: Twenty seconds?! Whatchu got over there--a nuclear reactor?!

    • Space Ghost: Look, pizza man. I'm Space Ghost, I'm hungry, I've got a talking voodoo doll taking chunks out of my horse--where is my pizza?!

    • (Space Ghost is hallucinating from lack of food)
      Space Ghost: Can I use the hall pass, Miss Steckler? I need to go home now, Miss Steckler...
      Zorak: (mocking Space Ghost) I need to go home, too, Miss Steckler.

    • Space Ghost: Okay, sing a song. Sing the "Shiny, Shiny People" song!
      Michael Stipe:

    • Space Ghost: Greetings, pizza merchant. We wish to order a large pizza. (to Zorak and Raymond) You guys like anchovies?
      Zorak: Yuck. How about seal?
      Space Ghost: Too chewy.

    • Space Ghost: Hey, you bugs must have billions of relatives, what with all the eggs you lay.
      Zorak: Don't ghosts hang around attics and go 'boo'? Jerk!

    • Zorak: We exist in a boundless time continuum. There is no weekend.

    • Space Ghost: (to Zorak) And how about you start wearing a shirt to work from now on, Jack?
      Zorak: I wear a vest!

    • Space Ghost: Okay, now here's a high pitched sound only you (Lassie) can hear: AIIEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!
      Zorak: You idiot! we can all hear that!
      Space Ghost: No you can't! You're bluffing!
      Zorak: Am not! You're saying "AAIEAGH!"
      Space Ghost: Well how about this? Mee-mee-mee-mee-mee...

    • Zorak: (shouting) I am the Lone Locust of the Apocalypse!
      Raymond: 'Pocalypse?
      Zorak: Think of me when you look...
      Space Ghost: Oh, now you're a locust again! Well silly me, I thought you were a mantis!
      Zorak: Uh, I am!
      Space Ghost: "I am the Lone Mantis of the Apocalypse."
      Raymond: (giggling)
      Space Ghost: Wait, better yet: "I am the Lone Fill-in-the-blank of the Apocalypse." How's about that, Zorak, leave enough room for you there, hmm?

    • Space Ghost: Zorak, where's your nephew?
      Zorak: Who? Oh, I devoured him.
      Space Ghost: (shouting) That's barbaric! (quietly) Is there any left?

    • Space Ghost: Greetings, pizza merchant.

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