Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 6 Episode 8

King Dead

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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King Dead
Moltar and Zorak refuse to allow Space Ghost into Ghost Planet, after he fires them, they take over his apartment, and eventually kidnap his guest Jon Benjamen, Space Ghost only realises his apartment has been taken over when Zorak sends him a ransom tape of "Unreasonable Demands"moreless

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  • What an episode!

    This episode was another outstanding one with a lot of comedy in it. It had a really funny plot, and the entire cast was really funny in it as well. Moltar and Zorak were so cool when they stole Space Ghost's television and kept on pranking him with phone calls. I thought that this episode is definately one of the top 3 of all time but then I remembered how many other great episodes there are so it still is a tough call. This is a must see episode for any fan of the show because it is one of the funniest.moreless
  • The season sixth finale closes with a bang!

    The 1999 season of SGCC was the pivotal and most noteworthy season ever for the show ever, This season is best remembered for opening the door for AS and delivering cleverness at it's best, it seems that in '99 the show was riding on a new genre.

    King Dead is a random trip into an "employee revolt" Of Zorak and Moltar who kidnap guest "Jon Benjamin Katz"(From Comedy Central's "Dr Katz") and think that SG cares about his guest and holds him for ransom but all Tad cares about as it turns out is his precious basic cable TV, So Zorak and Moltar make a ransom tape called "Unreasonable Demands" which turns out to be a movie trailer So SG Is unable to meet any demands since there weren't any listed in the trailer hence the name "Unreasonable Demands".

    Enjoying this episode is basically understanding the humor of "Dr. Katz" which enjoyed a successful run on Comedy Central 1995-1999, the episode is practily a satire of it.

    That's the key to liking this episode.

    Favorite Line: (phone on SG's emblem rings, Space Ghost anwsers it.)

    Zorak: (prank calling)Help! I am being attacked! Moltar: And you're a woman.

    Zorak: And I'm a woman!

    Moltar: He'll be here any minute.

    Space Ghost:(Speaking Indifferently) She'd be dead by the time I got there.

    Phones rings again.

    SG: Hello, Uhh listen, could you just call after it's over 'cause your just wasting your time.

    Moltar: Come to your house, now! I've got cable and I'm a woman. Look do you want your cable cut off?

    SG: NO! Precious cable, I'll give every hair on my body for it!moreless

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