Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 8 Episode 7

Live at the Fillmore

Aired Unknown Apr 12, 2004 on Cartoon Network



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    • Space Ghost (in jail cell): What would you have me do, Zorak?

      (teleports out of cell)

      Space Ghost (slowly and deliberately through gritted teeth): REACH DOWN MY PANTS IN FRONT OF THE FEMALE POLICE?

    • [At the end of the episode]
      Space Ghost: Can this whole show be deleted? Well, what do you think? [we wish.]

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    • Title: Live at the Fillmore
      This (or Live At The Fillmore East or At Fillmore East) is the name of an Allman Brothers album (as well as the name of albums from several other artist, most notably Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis). The album contains a live jam of "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" that takes up almost an entire disc (and made the album a 2 disc set and was apparently based on Miles Davis's "All Blues") as well as "Whipping Post". Also of note is that other Allman Brothers albums include "Eat a Peach", "Idlewild South", and "Dreams" (which is also the name of one of their songs).