Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1997 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Leonard Ghostal said Moltar's father should have been disqualified for using a foreign object in a steel cage match. Usually Steel Cage matches have no disqualification.

  • Quotes

    • Leonard Ghostal: Your pet monkey hit me with a folding chair.

    • Leonard Ghostal: Tag out, Taddie, I wanna taste some zombie meat!

    • Raven Symone: Yeah, I can, like, do all sorts of stuff, I can bend my pinky back, and I can...
      Grandpa Ghostal: Don't you raise a hand to me, missy, I'll put you in a figure four leg lock!
      Raven Symone: I haven't done anything bad yet.
      Zorak: Except for this show! (evil laugh)
      Grandpa Ghostal: SHUT UP, BLIP!

    • Grandpa Ghostal: Who's, uh, next on the beating list?
      Saucer Crab: Earthling Mary Hart.
      Grandpa Ghostal: Finally, some ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT!

    • Leonard Ghostal (of Haystacks Calhoun): I sent him home to Mommy with a rollin' DDT!

    • Saucer Crab: Gozar of the tiny hut-people, now is the time for your weekly beating.
      Gozar: Is that you, saucer crab?

    • Zorak (about Leonard Ghostal): Sounds like Randy Savage.
      Space Ghost: Well, it's not, Zorak, it's my granddad, okay?

  • Notes

    • There is also special thanks given to WCW, the company in which Randy Savage was working for at the time.

    • Leonard Ghostal makes various references to wrestlers of the past. Including Randy Savage's real life brother "Leapin'" Lanny Poffo.

    • There is a special thanks credit given to Gordon Solie, who use to announce for Florida Wrestling.

  • Allusions

    • Leonard Ghostal: Have you met Haystacks Calhoun? He was a mountain of a man.
      Haystacks Calhoun for the longest time was billed as the World's Fattest Wrestler. He was sometimes billed at 800 lbs.