Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)





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  • SGC2C is essentially responsible for literally dozens of Adult Swim cartoons!

    That alone gives it the highest place in the history of the absudist animated comedies of the Cartoon Networks "Adult Swim" block.

    Interviews with various celebrities like William Shatner were wonders to behold. The segment in "Curling Flower Space" where Zorak is taken aboard the BOSTON UFO Flying Guitar was absolutely hilarious! ................................

    ""Boston said they needed a keyboardist and I said, "I'm your man-tis!" And off we went! They had this really cool ship! There was this whole freakin' city on a flyin' UFO guitar, powered by rock 'n' roll! Boston rocks! They were on their way to populate a new world where everyone would just rock forever! All right! Who wants to ROCK?! There was not a life form we didn't rock. Is everybody ready to rock?! Yeah! Play some guitar!! Catch it! Man and mantis, rocking side-by-side. We're gonna rock your face! Ow! Who's ready to ROCK 'N' ROLL?!? Me and Boston: just like that. We rocked everyone we met. Oh god, it was beautiful. And when they were all rocked out, they dropped me off at home. THANKS, BOSTON! THAT ROCKED!! HEY BOSTON! KEEP ON ROCKIN'!! Those guys know how to rock." --Zorak"

    The clip of this used to exist somewhere but I cant find it. Its hilarious! If you do nothing else before you die see it! The addition of interviews of Jerry Springer and Sarah Jessica Parket made this one the best of the series!

    Indirectly every show that followed on Adult Swim might not have ever been created if it were not for Space Ghost - he is a true cartoon god!

    They should bring this one back using the tried and true formulas that made it successful. The last comback attempt in 2004 was too laden with sex jokes and quickly flopped. This is what helped kill of another gem "Sealab 2021" although the death of Harry Goz as Captain Murphy played a greater role in its demise.
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