Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)





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  • space ghost becomes a talk show host much in the vein of conan o'brien or david letterman. the guests are real, the show is animated. space ghost is a funny show, and he really likes to give his guests a hard time.

    as with any adult swim program, you are going to have to have a certian kind of sense of humor to truly enjoy space ghost. space ghost is a really good example of what can be done with animation, as it is a cartoon late night talk show. the guests are all real, and can be seen as real. space ghost really likes to take shots at his guests, and often badgers them to the point of wanting to leave the interview. his musical sidekick zorak, a praying mantis type thing, is always trying to screw things up, or trying to kill him, which makes for some pretty comedic stuff throughout the show. moltar is another good character, as hes kinda dim witted. moltar is the cameraman for the show, and one of space ghosts old enemies, as is zorak. this show was truly funny, and needs to be brought back in my opinion.
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