Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)





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  • The real life talk show hosts have nothing on space ghost.

    This show is so unbelievable. It's not even worth asking for it back on the air, because I think anybody that watched tv in the 80s or 90s knows that all the best shows never return for odd reasons. Either way, when talking talk shows, space ghost coast to coast is the first show to come to mind. The memorable guest, the hallarious quotes. Sure, at times this show could have gotten visualy repetitive, but the actual comedy used in the show would vary to no limits. The guests on this show amazed me how they talked to space ghost like a real talk host figure, a human that is, but meanwhile, the jokes weren't cheap, actually funny. The dialogue for this show was incredible, and I have to cut cartoon network some slack for actually keeping it on the air for longer than a year, like all their other good cartoons which don't make the cut. Almost a decade of space ghost coast to coast entertainment, best years of my life.