Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Season 3

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • 12/25/96
    re-enactments of classic moments from the last few series played by real actors, a strange episode
  • Art Show
    Episode 14
    Space Ghost assembles artists for a special on the power of portraits.
  • Cookout
    Episode 13
    This one starts out with arguments about Beefaroni, and Space Ghost elects the Council of Doom and Brak to judge a cooking contest. Zorak wants all of the bones for a soup, and they talk about cooking Space Ghost. One chef makes duck tacos, and another plays gymnastics with a dead chicken. Space Ghosts says it's a tie, and then blows up the Council of Doom, and finally Brak gets shot. He cries, and wants his lawyer. This is a double episode.moreless
  • Late Show
    Episode 12
    Some fat guy rubs against Space Ghost on the way to work. Space Ghost's Big 10 List. Zorak covers his keyboard in a mucus membrane. Fun With Moltar. Guests musician John Popper, comedian Janeane Garofolo, hypnotist Flip Orley, and the mediocre musician, Dave Grohl.
  • Jacksonville
    Episode 11
    Space Ghost is forced to deal with the annoying and easily frightened Tansit, who has replaced Moltar as the show's director. Tansit screws up non-stop. Space Ghost leaves, to search for Moltar. Special guests Metallica are left to the mercy of Zorak.
  • Glen Campbell
    Episode 10
    Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, finally comes face to face with Space Ghost in a great interview, as he salutes Space Ghost, asks him what he's ghost of, and gives his opinion on Casper's resemblence to Richie Ritch. Hey, where'd Moltar go...?
  • Surprise
    Episode 9

    While Space Ghost is out, Zorak and Moltar recruit the Council of Doom to plan a surprise party for Space Ghost's birthday. But by the looks of it, the Council is hoping it'll be the unpleasant kind of surprise...

  • Switcheroo
    Episode 8
    While Space Ghost is called away on various pretenses, his evil twin brother Chad tries to take his place.
  • Freak Show
    Episode 7

    Space Ghost's interview is interrupted by a pirate channel created by one of the show's more...dedicated fans (aka a geek who knows everything about the show and lives with his mother), despite Moltar's efforts, the geek is determined to have his demands met before he can relinquish control.

  • Boo!
    Episode 6
    Michael Norman isn't afraid of Space Ghost, and Bill Nye is afraid that he might never know what Space Ghost IS...
  • Sharrock
    Episode 5

    The show takes a while to start, with the title music heavily extended, Thurston Mooore joins the show as Ghost Planet comes "under attack", forcing Space Ghost to bombard the audience with another extended musical number...before finally revealing that the entire show was simply a dedication to the music of the late Sonny Sharrock.

  • Transcript
    Episode 4
    Space Ghost interviews Jonathan Richman. That's it.
  • Lovesick
    Episode 3
    Space Ghost and his girlfriend break up. Space Ghost blasts Moltar. Carrot Top shows up. Everyone says, "Hottie." Moltar is watching Chips, and there is a car wreck. Space Ghost blasts Zorak and Carrot Top. There is a cow as a guest. Space Ghost talks to the cow, and the cow talks back dissing the show.moreless
  • $20.01
    Episode 2
    Zorak copies Space Ghost, and he fires Moltar and Zorak. Space Ghost introduces the "Mo 2000 PC", and I believe Zorak and Moltar are supposed to be janitors. Space Ghost has a big wart. Zorak says, "I am on a seafood diet. I see food, and I hate Space Ghost!" There is a mime for a guest. Zorak asks Moltar to take off his helmet, and when he does people scream. Space Ghost argues with "Mo 2000", and Ultraman is shown. While Zorak and Moltar bark, Space Ghost argues with a guest. Finally Zorak and Moltar come back to the show. "Mo 2000" fires Space Ghost and shuts off the air. When Zorak turns blue, Space ghost blasts "Mo 2000", which causes a space time warp.moreless
  • Explode
    Episode 1
    While Space Ghost trades witty repartee (read: the usual insipid silliness) with Terry Jones, Lokar tries to lure Moltar away from the show and onto his own talk program with promises of lots o' fancy fringe benefits.