Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Season 8

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)



User Score: 142

Episode Guide

  • Space Ghost in Perfect Hair Forever
    In this episode, which is almost a stand alone show as Space Ghost appears for about a minute in which he is malled by a bear, the main character Gerald is balding. He goes to his bald "Uncle Grandfather" for advice on how to stop the balding. After sort of learning what he must do he goes on a journey that completely rips on anime in a good way.moreless
  • 4/12/04
    When Space Ghost spends the show budget to get himself out of jail, they have to find ways to run the show without money. They try doing a "remote without cameras," interviewing the old Susan Powter interview, interviewing a show, and punching Space Ghost in the crotch. Space Ghost then does his one man show "Racism is Bad" followed by more crotch punching and omelettes.moreless
  • Dreams
    Episode 6
    Space Ghost gets Lassie to raise money for "retardos" as he puts it, but ends up destroying Lassie and brings on Triumph instead. Triumph says he banged a dog up the ass, which Space Ghost repeats to bring in more money. Moltar has to bring up the "Please Stand By" screen claiming that "they can take you off the air for that kind of shi- ... I mean stuff." SG fires Moltar and makes him his dog, and Zorak becomes the director. It ends with a lovely song.moreless
  • Idlewild South
    Episode 5
    Zorak and Moltar are doing drugs and drinking booze when the show starts, space ghost wonders what there doing, and Moltar encourages Space Ghost to drink some because it will "Make you feel like a Cowboy" After 1 sip he starts ridin his TV, doing the Robot, and other crazy stuff, that eventually kills him while hes flying his phantom cruiser.moreless
  • 12/7/03
    Space Ghost deals with Zorak's air conditioning repairman while Moltar takes care of the guest. Who is William Shatner.
  • Eat a Peach
    Episode 3
    Space Ghost Explains The Birds And Bees To Zorak And Moltar. As in Bees can't drive and crows can shoot lasers out of they're eyes. Also, Moltar feels bad that Space Ghost seems to give Zorak more attention, as does Todd Barry when the crew decides not to share any crow with him.moreless
  • Whipping Post
    Episode 2
    Space Ghost is angry about a variety of topics, and rants mightly to his guest, comedian Dennis Miller
  • Baffler Meal
    Episode 1
    Space Ghost is forced into a raw deal with the deadly Colonial Man, forever altering the future of classic rock - again. Willie Nelson and an 'alternate reality' version of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force star in this episode.
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