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Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Jul 28, 1995 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Hulk Hogan asks Space Ghost who is the most powerful being in the Turner organization...and Slash is given a "warm reception" by the crew when they ditch him to drink coffee at the Cafeteria.

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      • Hulk Hogan: Who's the most powerful man in the Turner organization?
        Zorak: Fonda.
        Hulk Hogan: Hulk Hogan or Ted Turner?
        Space Ghost: Uh, I would say Ted, then Space Ghost, then the Hulkster.
        Hulk Hogan: I'd love to see if I could body slam that big dude.

      • Space Ghost: Be quiet, brown nose!
        Zorak: Hey, I don't have a nose.

      • Zorak: Ted Turner? Who's that?
        Space Ghost: Ted owns us, Zorak. He can push us around. Even you, Hulk!
        Hulk Hogan: Well, I don't know.
        Space Ghost: What if Ted made you do xeroxing all day in an apron? Would you pile-drive him? You would, wouldn't you? Because you're a tough guy. You're Mr. Tough.

      • Space Ghost: Hey, what do you think of Lassie, Hulk?
        Hulk Hogan: Well, I'm an animal lover. I don't think I'd wanna-
        Space Ghost: I wouldn't either.
        Hulk Hogan: Wrestle Lassie. I wish Lassie was my pet.
        Space Ghost: Me too.

      • Space Ghost: Play me to the desk!
        Zorak: Uh, I would prefer not to.
        Space Ghost: Uh, excuse me?
        Zorak: That's the way it is. I ain't doing it.
        Space Ghost: You're not a scrivener, you're a locust. So play me to the desk!

      • Space Ghost: You're playing with fire, greeny!

      • Space Ghost: Hey! You know what's crazy? I'll tell you. Politics! Those guys running around voting, making laws and stuff. I mean, who asked them?

      • Moltar: Smell the burning flesh. Taste the tangy sulfur air. Volcano season.
        Zorak: Mantis green and strong. Deadly pincers razor sharp. (beat) Waiting for his chance.
        Space Ghost: Uh, floating asteroid. Need to buy some school supplies. Uh, you're sulking in it.

      • Space Ghost: Tell me a joke!
        Moltar: Alright, this guy walks into a-
        Zorak: Heard it!
        Moltar: Ok...Uh-
        Zorak: Heard it!
        Moltar: Ok, a guy walks, alright wait, ok, ok, alright, wait.

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