Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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Replicating Pods invade the Ghost Planet as The Blob blocks off all outside access. Space Ghost, Zorak, and Moltar come up with many unsuccessful plans and resort to drinking lots of coffee.

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  • This is the best of the best.

    This episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast is a very special one to say the least. It is really funny for one, but it also has a great plot that you have got to make sure you are paying attention to or else you will be thrown off and not really know what's going on. I love the way this episode is set up though, they keep on having scenes of what time and date it is and sometimes it goes backwords and sometimes it goes frontwords, so you have got to be paying attention or else you may get lost with it, but I'm sure that you would still think it's funny even without knowing the time and date.moreless
  • Snatch is a bizzare and twisted trip into the unknown.

    In this episode,Hilarity ensues as SG,Zorak, Moltar and thier guest stand-up comedian Stephen Wright are all being presued by body snatching pods that kill you and copy your DNA to replicate you while you sleep.

    Since there is no way to kill the pods,the guys try to suggest plans to defeat the pods that grow on SG's destruco ray first, SG tries to coax a weird orange blob into killing the pods for talking about his mother, next: he tries to order a "mind erasing kit" so they can forget about how tired they are but since he already has one he doesn't seem to remember that he does. Next: Zorak suggests a plan that OBVIOUSLY would have worked: Lower the gravity of the Ghost Planet so that the pods could float away into deep space, but since nobody ever takes him seriously when they should, Moltar suggest that since rust never sleeps, they should all rust.

    But of course only Moltar is the only one made of metal, so he suggest that they go to the beach to get metal plated. So the gang, finally decides that their final "ace in the hole" is to drink lots of coffee to stay awake but after running out of coffee,Zorak accedently finds decaf and they all fall asleep.

    So.... Colonial man appears and tells the viewers to go to ebay to bid on a Space Ghost ending.moreless

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Space Ghost: This is for Nana!
      (Blasts pod, it starts growing)
      Zorak: It's feeding the rays!
      Space Ghost: It's the rays! It's. It's feeding on them!
      (high-pitch scream)

    • Steven Wright: Who else is going to be on the show?
      Zorak: Your guts.
      Steven Wright: Oh.

    • Space Ghost: This is for Nana! [Blasts pod. It starts growing.]
      Zorak: It's feeding the rays!
      Space Ghost: It's the rays! It's. It's feeding on them! [Girly scream]

      Space Ghost:Well, looks like they can't be killed. [SG's pod is huge now] Here Zorak, trade with me.
      Zorak: Heh heh heh. I don't think so.
      Space Ghost: [Starts blasting Zorak's pod] Who's laughing now, Zorak? Who's laughing now?
      [The pods start laughing]

      Space Ghost: I'm going to order one of those mind erasing kits.
      Moltar: You already have one.
      Space Ghost:I know.
      Moltar: Well?
      Space Ghost: Can't you see? If we erase I minds and forget how sleepy we are, we'll stay awake forever. [long pause] So this is my idea. I'm thinking about ordering one of those mind erasing kits.
      [Thursday 8 PM]
      Space Ghost: Here's what we do. We order one of those mind erasing kits.
      Moltar agitated: You already have one!
      Space Ghost: If I already had one, don't you think I'd remember?
      Zorak: So go get it.
      Space Ghost: Get what?
      Moltar: The kit!
      Space Ghost agitated: What kit!?

    • Space Ghost: Oh no! Replicating pods! The kind that keep you up all night with their coughing!
      Moltar: No...the kind that copy your DNA, kill you off, and take over while you sleep.
      Space Ghost: With their coughing...
      Moltar:...Did you hear what I just--
      Space Ghost: NO ONE SLEEPS WITH MY GRANDMOTHER!!!...Right?
      Zorak: Right...from now on.

    • Space Ghost: Bring me my monocle...I want to look rich.

    • Space Ghost: No one sleep with my grandmother!!!

    • Space Ghost: This is good coffee. I thought we were out of coffee.
      Zorak: I found some in the back. In the orange container
      Space Ghost: (Spits out coffee.) YOU FOOL!!! THAT'S DECAF!!!

    • Steven Wright: My long-lost father, finally you admit that you're my father.
      Space Ghost (with Steven Wright hair): Yeah, well good luck proving it.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The eBay auction featured in the original ending of this episode ended at $7000 on December 7,1999.

      The auction itself was just a hoax,the episode had two alternate endings that viewers could vote on at ebay, the first featured the pods tranforming into SG and the crew along with the episode title appearing at the end credits.

      The second alternate ending is the ending with the floating numbers spelling "The End". Was chosen.

      The colonial man is Dave Willis, the co producer of SGCC and co creator of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."


    • "It sickens me."
      When Space Ghost invisos into Moltar's control room, he says "Please don't tell me how to do it. It sickens me." This is a quote from a recording session for the video game Star Trek: Judgment Rites. In it, William Shatner instructs the audio director not to tell him how he should act for a take. (This is the same audio clip that includes their argument over the pronunciation of the word "sabotage.")