Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 7 Episode 5

Sweet For Brak

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2001 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Tenacious D plays the song "F*** Her Gently," which is immediately dubbed over with "Good King Wenceslas."

    • When Zorak's demonic speech is played backwards, he says:
      Watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Thursdays and Sundays at Nine.
      His speech is a bit loose backwards, like Zorak has something in his mouth.

  • Quotes

    • *****Jack Black: Where's Crack?
      Kyle Gass: Where's Krakow?
      Space Ghost: Oh, you talkin' about Brak? Don't. He's dead to me.
      Tenacious D: (collectively) Oooh!
      Space Ghost: So's his sitcom, which apparently is extremely popular.
      Kyle Gass: Phew, ouch.
      Jack Black: Touchy subject.
      Space Ghost: People are stupid.
      (Kyle clears his throat)
      Jack Black: Was that a spinoff?
      Space Ghost: More like runoff. From a waste pump.
      Zorak: It's actually quite successful.
      Jack Black: Sweet for Brak.
      Kyle Gass: Mmm hmm.
      Zorak: Yeah, I'm hopin' it'll even my own show. My show's not a comedy, it's a horredy. It's called Blood Dumpster.
      Space Ghost: Your pilot gave me nightmares! This is 22 minutes of a guy running down a tunnel.
      Jack Black: This is a show?
      Zorak: Yes.
      Space Ghost: And what's with your character, the guy with the blades? What's that?
      Zorak: The dumpsterkeeper.
      Space Ghost: Who's gonna identify with the "dumpsterkeeper"? I mean, maybe if he were in a motorized wheelchair you'd have some sense of sympathy for him.
      Zorak: Well, it tested well.
      Zorak: I mean really well.
      Space Ghost: Brak is nothing without me. If it weren't for me he'd still be doing his show which he's doing now without me.
      Kyle Gass: Can we meet him, is he here?
      Space Ghost: Why do you want to meet him? He's probably drunk.
      Jack Black: (looks surprise) Really?
      Space Ghost: Oh sure, everyone thinks he's cute on the outside. But on the inside, heh, his organs are buoys, bouncing around on a sea of gin.
      Jack Black: Is that true?
      Space Ghost: Oh yeah.
      (We now go to Space Ghost as seen on Brak's TV)
      Space Ghost: Whadda ya think of that, children?
      Brak: What?

    • Space Ghost: And I start to strip.

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