Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Season 5 Episode 12

Waiting for Edward

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1998 on Cartoon Network



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  • Quotes

    • Denis Leary: Moltar, how are ya?
      Moltar: This is how I am, Denis. I'm destroying the planet.
      Denis Leary: Get outta here.
      Moltar: Yeah. And I'm havin' a sale, too.
      Computer: Seven minutes, twenty seven seconds until total devastation.
      Moltar: Whattya think about that?
      Denis Leary: You know, you overstep your, your boundaries when it comes to power.
      Moltar: How about a free kick in the throat?
      Denis Leary: See what I'm saying?

    • Brak: Do you have any farmer stuff?
      Moltar: No.
      Brak: Do you have any astronaut stuff?
      Moltar: uh...
      Brak: Do you have any Melba toast, cuz that's what I want
      Moltar: I got some...
      Brak: I also like some static, some tar, a red hat...
      Moltar: Brak.
      Brak: ...a book about lightning...
      Moltar: Brak.
      Brak: ...a magical fortress made of rainbows...
      Moltar: Brak!
      Brak: Yes.
      Moltar: How are you going to pay for all this?
      Brak: With rocks.
      Moltar: I hope you die before your wedding!
      Brak: What? I'm not getting married...

    • Space Ghose: Why don't you just launch him into the deep recesses of space?
      Dennis Leary: If I could.
      Space Ghost: O, that's right. You're a smoker.

    • Space Ghost: Now get back to work you fat humps!

    • Space Ghost: Who do you think you are?
      Denis Leary: I think the universe knows who I am, Space Ghost.
      Space Ghost: Then who do you think the universe knows I am, Denis?
      Denis Leary: Space Ghost. And I'm Denis Leary, master of the universe.
      Space Ghost: Master? I know one or two guys who might disagree with you... master!
      Denis Leary: Like who?
      Space Ghost: Yoda.
      Denis Leary: Okay, who else on the list?
      Space Ghost: Star Wars.

    • Space Ghost: (singing) The feelings of your stupid kids are more important than mine?

  • Notes

    • The music during the "Waiting" screen at the beginning of the episode is slightly altered for the iTunes version included in "The Harrigan Season": The music switches back and forth between the two different songs, along with the added sound of a needle scratching a record.

    • This episode marks the final appearance of Lokar who hasn't been seen ever since.

      This episode marks the second and last time a Space Ghost episode aired on Christmas Day.

      At the time this episode first aired, contained the "Council Of Doom" section where visiters could view every character's very own web page, many of them ranged from completely repugnant(Zorak's Page of Raising Heck, Moltar and Linda's Lava Emporium, and Lokar's War and Peace) to completely farfetched and bizzare such as "Brak's Beans N' More Page" to Metallus' page with random and miscellaneous objects including a picture of somebody's foot to photos of pots nad pans.

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