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Space Goofs

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While flying through space, Etno, Candy, Gorgious, Stereo, and Bud's spaceship breaks down, stranding them on Earth. Etno, who is tentatively the leader, is a smart, scientific alien who wants to learn as much as he can about the world around him through experiments and observation. Candy is an effeminate homebody with a passion for cleaning. Gorgious is a rambunctious loudmouth who lives to eat. Stereo is a two-headed alien with a bad habit of arguing with himself. Bud is a born couch potato. To avoid being discovered by humans the five aliens hole up in a large abandoned Victorian-style house, but they cannot avoid a chance encounter or two. Meanwhile they "absorb" Earth culture through television and by using a machine called the SMTV (SuperMegaTransVolter) to disguise themselves so they can mingle with the natives. There were two seasons of Space Goofs; the first aired in 1997 and the second aired in 2005. The character Stereo did not appear in the second season although evidence can be found here and there throughout the series of his being transported back to their home planet. This series was produced by Gaumont Multimedia and its first season premiered on FOX in the US. The second season has not aired in the US. It was originally called Home To Rent, and its catchy theme song was performed by Iggy Pop. There was a PC game featuring the characters called Stupid Invaders released in 2001 by Ubisoft.

Theme: Oh, oh Five little monsters Were riding through space Their spaceship broke And they fell into this place They gotta get out But they don't know how So they're waitin' and waitin' In this creepy, creepy house

La La La La-La La-La La La La

We like Monstermen

And then the little kids sing

La La La La-La La-La La La La

We like Monstermen And then everybody sings

La La La La-La La-La La La La

We like Monstermen

Performed By: Iggy Pop

Editor's Note: Airing dates are not known for these episodes, other than the very first one.moreless
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  • Now this is entertainment.

    Space Goofs is an excellent show about five aliens named Candy Bud Gorgeous Stereo and Etno sadly Stereo was'nt on the show when i started watching it on Nicktoons(that's the channel it airs over here) it's either he's cut out of the show or either they have shown the second season instead i used to watch this show over the summer holidays with my brother and it's funny especially Candy i remember one episode where he called the internet''polite'' for the computer saying hello man now all we have to put up with these days are terrible dubbed shows or shows that are not dubbed like Sonic X and My Gym Partner's a monkey it sadly only is on at 6:00am though too early for me though long live Space Goofs.moreless
  • Space Goofs is probably one of most original animated shows of 90'S-2000 years.

    Strangely, Space Goofs is a cartoon show made in France but this is one of most original cartoons shows ever created over last years. The animation is nicely and the characters are just great for not say geeks. My fav. characters and Georgeous and Candy and the humor of the show are like Ren & Stimpy, but for the France. Well, Space Goofs is a enjoyable and captivating show
  • "Space Goofs" is hip, classic, and probably one of THE most original shows I've ever had the pleasure of watching.

    Let's start simple. Take five different aliens, each of a completely different species: one iffeminite one, one intellectual one, one not-so-bright teenage entertainment junkie, one two-headed being that constantly argues with itself, and one cynical glutton...and when they get together in one abandoned mansion, boy, hold on to your socks!

    I first discovered "Space Goofs" when I was watching Fox Kids (back when it was GOOD) on the weekends. I loved Space Goofs--the characters were well-developed, the plots were original, and the storylines were funny. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to God-knows-why, and I missed it for a long time. They have DVDs out, now, but they don't cover the entire series. I honestly wish that Fox would get its head out of the crapper and put Space Goofs back on the air where it SHOULD be, but I doubt that's going to happen anytime soon...

    "Space Goofs" was a brilliant show ahead of its time--non-cliched, original jokes, and all of the greatest uncensored toilet humor you could stand. It's not at all like the original alien cartoons nowadays--these creatures didn't land on Earth to take over it; they just want to leave in peace and go back to their home planet. However, no matter how hard they try, something always goes wrong...

    So take my word for it and introduce yourself to "Space Goofs". It may not be the most visually attractive, but it's a step ahead of its time.moreless
  • A wonderfull show that nobody cares about.

    Is true, nobody cares about this funny show. This show have all the elements that makes Ren & Stimpy great, good characters, funny jokes and a lot of crazyness. I love this show and can't wait till be allowed to see the second season that started aired in France at september 3. I see the first episode of this season, and if even they kick out of the show to one of the main characters (Stereo), is much better than the first one. You must see this show, they come with better animation and more stupid than when they lift.moreless