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Space Goofs

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While flying through space, Etno, Candy, Gorgious, Stereo, and Bud's spaceship breaks down, stranding them on Earth. Etno, who is tentatively the leader, is a smart, scientific alien who wants to learn as much as he can about the world around him through experiments and observation. Candy is an effeminate homebody with a passion for cleaning. Gorgious is a rambunctious loudmouth who lives to eat. Stereo is a two-headed alien with a bad habit of arguing with himself. Bud is a born couch potato. To avoid being discovered by humans the five aliens hole up in a large abandoned Victorian-style house, but they cannot avoid a chance encounter or two. Meanwhile they "absorb" Earth culture through television and by using a machine called the SMTV (SuperMegaTransVolter) to disguise themselves so they can mingle with the natives. There were two seasons of Space Goofs; the first aired in 1997 and the second aired in 2005. The character Stereo did not appear in the second season although evidence can be found here and there throughout the series of his being transported back to their home planet. This series was produced by Gaumont Multimedia and its first season premiered on FOX in the US. The second season has not aired in the US. It was originally called Home To Rent, and its catchy theme song was performed by Iggy Pop. There was a PC game featuring the characters called Stupid Invaders released in 2001 by Ubisoft.

Theme: Oh, oh Five little monsters Were riding through space Their spaceship broke And they fell into this place They gotta get out But they don't know how So they're waitin' and waitin' In this creepy, creepy house

La La La La-La La-La La La La

We like Monstermen

And then the little kids sing

La La La La-La La-La La La La

We like Monstermen And then everybody sings

La La La La-La La-La La La La

We like Monstermen

Performed By: Iggy Pop

Editor's Note: Airing dates are not known for these episodes, other than the very first one.moreless